[Archive] 2500 (RH) For Lone Wolf GT Texas


So I’m going the Lone Wolf in Texas and would like some advice on the army list I’ll be brining.
Although I can’t make any changes at this point; any advice is appreciated. After all, 'ard boys is just around the corner.

Chaos Dwarf (Ravening Hordes) Lone Wolf GT

Sorcerer Lord - 295
lv.4, earthing rod, talisman of preservation
(Lore of Shadow)

Hero - 137
bsb, shield, armor of destiny

Hero - 109
great weapon, armor of silver steel

Hero - 94
great weapon, armor of gazrakh

29 Warriors - 359
full command-banner of eternal flame, great weapons

29 Warriors - 349
full command, great weapons

40 Hobgoblins - 190
full command, light armor, shield

40 Hobgoblins - 190
full command, light armor, shield

10 Hobgoblins - 160
wolves, bows, shields, musician

18 Hobgoblins - 90

40 Sneaky Gits - 210

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower - 30

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower - 30

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower - 30

Earth Shaker Cannon - 110

Earth Shaker Cannon - 110


Basic plan is to slow down the enemy with the earth shakers and hobgoblins, then buff the gits, and warriors to kill whatever I can.

And just incase anyone is wondering; no proxies. It’s all 4th ed. big hat awesomeness.

Glimpse the Void:

Looks like fun.  Do you often run so many bolt throwers?  I know little about them, and have never played an army with acess to them.  They aren’t expensive in points, perhaps I should try them.  How do you use them in this list?  Monster hinting?

I also wonder If I would try and come up with points for a crown of command for one of those fat slave units to make them super annoying.

Good luck, and please tell us how you do.


Well, my primary army was demons of chaos so war machines are kinda new to me as well. My plan is to use the bolt throwers to handle monsters, and units with lots of ranks to pass through.

Crown of command sounds good, adding that in means adding a character, which isn’t so good. If I give a character the Crown, I can’t give him any real protective magic items. So the character i feel would just be killed, and the Crown wasted. It also makes the unit less of a throw away unit.

Thanks, and I’ll try to post up a battle report on how I do.

Da Crusha:

Ive tried to add the crown on a hero before, not very good option, too easy to kill. especially since the only things that are gonna break your cd’s are things that are more than capable of killing a poorly protected cd hero, oh yeah it’s not worth having the crown in a slave unit since they’re gonna be steadfast most of the time anyway and when they break, who cares their slaves… I’d only add it to a lord so he can have better protection. the BSB can’t have a shield, unless its an enchanted shield. the list is ok otherwise I would really like to see a horde of cd warriors in it if you can. they are really good. also 4 bolt throwers for cd’s is the norm actually, so 3 isn’t a lot at all.


Yes, 3-4 bolt throwers is ok without being too cheesy. I love hobgoblin bolt throwers, the cheesiest unit we have, IMO :wink:

See bloodthirsters bow in front of a 30 point bolt thrower! :smiley:

I would go for anothe level one mage, with Death lore. The signature spell is ACE. With our high leadership he will be able to roll over the enemy.


I would drop one of the Heroes for a lvl 2 with Fire. Another wizard is better than 2 extra great weapon attacks in a unit imo. Finding Shadow and Fire to be a nice combo. Reducing people’s T and then dropping the Fire no.6 template spell on their faces is epic win. It also gives you something to negate Regen at range.

Or a lvl 1 Death for Spirit Leech, as already noted.

Not a fan of Blunderbusses then? :wink: A str 5 volley on enemies with reduced T is pretty fun. And if you reduce their M with Miasma/Earthshakers, you’ll probably get a second volley off plus stand and shoot. Might be worth a look.


Thanks for all the replies!

I see I’m going to have to try the Lv.2 sorc. Using LoS to lower the toughness, then nail them with LoF is a good idea.

As for the blunderbusses; I do like them, but I wanted lots of hobgoblins more than the BB’s in this list.


Here is my much belated battle report:
I’m only going to hit a few highlights of each match though.

His list:
grey seer
2-3 units of 30 slaves
2-3 units of clan rats
1 unit of 30 storm vermin
3 units of gutter runners
warp lighting cannon
hell pit abomination
Chaos Dwarf turn one -I started this one badly by deploying my wolf riders and sneaky gits outside the Generals LD bubble.
Skaven guy charges wolf riders turn 2 and I flee with the wolf riders. They flee through the Gits, and they panic as well.
warp lighting cannon are very rough when used right. I lost a huge chunk of hobgoblins to this thing.
Surviving Hobos do their thing, and tie up a hell pit abomination for the rest of the game. HW/S for the hobos are a very good thing I feel. The 6++ is very nice when used against monsters with a few high strength attacks.
Gits flee off the table next turn, warriors smash a unit of clan rats. Gutter runners blow through my earth shakers
Game ends when he dreaded 13th most of my chaos dwarf warriors off the board. I’m left with some hobgobs holding up the hell pit, and only the front rank of my chaos dwarf warrior units left.

Lessons learned-
Magic is so brutal in 8th. Dreaded 13th and scorch wrecked shop all game.
Hobgoblins really need to be kept in the Generals LD bubble. I lost my Sneaky gits without them even doing anything.
War machines are cool, but wont will games. Bolt throwers were iffy the whole game; either hitting and not wounding, or missing altogether. When they worked well, they earned their points back in a single turn.

Game 2 Dark Elves
His list
lv3  sorceress on pegasus and fimilar
Dread lord with reverse ward save 1+ rerollable armor save and crimson death (lame)
30 spearmen
20 crossbows
25 corsairs with frenzy banner
20 black guard
1 bolt thrower
2 hydras

This game went better. Lore of shadow did it’s thing and I pit 'o shades one hydra, and miasma the other down to a dealable level and bolt throwered it down to 1 wound.
Black guard destroyed a unit of chaos dwarfs, after I charged him! He inflicted 18 wounds, to my 5. I lost and ran, got caught. (Big Surprise)
Hobgoblins are wiped out by the hydra and the handlers. Guy says you cant attack handlers, but in the dark elf book it specifically states you can.
Other hobos are wiped out by magic/shooting. Earth shakers did a great job of slowing the opponent down, but not really killing things.
Wolf riders were awesome this game though, they raced around one flank and destroyed the bolt thrower, over ran into the flank of the cross bowmen, and finally fled away from the hydra.
I may have lost this game as well, but it went better than the first.

Lessons learned - Don’t charge black guard.

Last game of day one.
New O&G
big big spider ridden by a lv4
3 more lv.2’s
5 units of 40 night goblins, all with 3 fanatics (lame)
1 unit of 5 squig hoppers
wolf riders

First off the lv.4 on the big spider is a bad idea. Bolt throwers failed to do a single wound to the spider or the giant over 3 turns.
Sneaky gits went wild on a horde of night goblins and forced the last few to flee.
my large block of hobgobs held up his night goblin hordes forever, despite not killing very much due to nets.
New animosity is nice. He got the fling stuff at friends result and wiped out his own squig hopper right before they went through my other earth shaker.
All the fanatics were more annoying than effective. Either he had to flee though them, ot the night goblins would animosity and fling them to death, or be forced to move into them in an attempt to charge me.
Game ends when I get mind razor off on a unit of warriors and blow though his giant. Over run dose not get me to the big spider, but he fails to move it out of the way, and next turn I charge it. Warriors kill the lv.4 and bring the spider to one wound. The spider flees, and the warriors catch it. Game Over.

Lessons learned - Keep war machines closer to my battle lines, and mind razor rocks.

Day 2 coming soon.


@cricketofdeth: Sorry but I’m almost sure that this is ‘illegal’. Bsb can only carry heavy/light armour.

Hero - 137

bsb, shield, armor of destiny


Thanks, I didn’t realize it until it was too late for the turny though. If it makes you feel better, the BSB never saw combat, so it was irrelevant.

Thommy H:

Nothing illegal about that - he’s only banned from taking a magic item if he has a magic banner.

Da Crusha:

He may not be given any extra equipment except light or heavy armour.

Ravening Hordes
He is not permitted to carry a shield


Apologies to OP if I came across as a pain in the butt, it was not my intention. I was merely questioning if anything has change in these last few months that I was missing as the mundane equipment of the BSB is one of the probs I have with the RH (no GW).

@cricketofdeth: Skaven are brutal mate (13th into combat :frowning: ) Looking forward to hear how you went in Day 2.


Yeah, I just looked it up; no shield for the BSB.

@karmadratta- No worries man, I wasn’t trying to come off as harsh about it. And yes the 13th is, it totally won him the game.


Lone Wolf GT Day 2

Day 2 was not very exciting at all sadly.

First game - High Elf

This was the most horrible list I’ve seen in awhile:

Lv.4 mage w/ book that lets you pick spells, and ethereal (i think)

BSB with +d6 power dice a turn banner (lame)

lv.2 mage w/scroll

40ish spearmen

40! white lions

40! white lions

3 eagles

First off, I was very hung over for this match. If I knew what a brutal combo dweller+D6 PD banner was I wouldn’t have even unpacked 200ish minis for this match…

He set up with the spear elves in the middle and white lions on either flank.

My deployment was not bad, hobgobs close to the General, and all that.

Earth shakers either scattered badly or mis-fired the first 2 turns so I didn’t manage to slow the HE advance. Boltthrowers woked magic though as I gunned down all three eagles, with only 1 bolt thrower being eaten by them.

Here’s where it gets bad; He guy castes Dwellers on my hobgobs, and i loose 2/3rd’s od the unit in one go.

I caste Pit in my turn, and catch his lv.4 in the template. He rolls for “look out sir” and fails it! I tell him, “it’s all good, you only fail to the pit on a 6”. He rolls another die, and it’s a 6! Then proceeds to tell me that was for the “look out” roll on his unit champ…So Lame.

This got him my Bad Game vote.

So next turn I loose most of a CD warrior unit to Dwellers.

My turn rolls around again, and I charge in with a full unit of CD warriors to one unit of white lions, and my damaged hobgob unit in the other. In the Combat phase I get spanked, and flee.

His net turn I get my last CD warrior unit Dwellered, and I call the game.

The combination of a dweller list, and a hang over is to much to continue on with the game.

Lesson learned - I hate Dwellers from Below…

Day 2 Game 2 - another High Elf army

This list on paper looked as bad as the other

lv.4 this one is ethereal and some other stuff

lv.2 dispel scroll

Both have lore of life so he has all 6 spells…

BSB calendor armor, and some random stuff

Prince on barded horse

65! spearmen

40 phenix guard

11 dragon princes

I felt bad about this one.

I knew from the start I couldn’t touch his list in HTH, so I hammered his spearmen and phenix guard with earth shakers for the first 4 turns.

His dragon princes spend the whole game chasing my wolf riders around a lake.

The phenix guard finally make into combat with my hogobs turn 4, hobgobs hold on their base LD. I flank with Sneaky Gits, and win combat by 1.

My next turn I caste Mind Razor on the Gits, and wreck shop on the phenix guard. I win combat, and the Phenix guard flee off the board.

The spear elves never make it across the board, the earth shakers ruined his day.

I managed to stop Dwellers the few times he caste it, and did a good job controlling the magic phase this game.

Great guy to play, he had to be mad about the whole earth shaker thing, but was a good sport the whole time.

Lesson learned - 3 units in a 2500 point army is probably not the best plan.

Over all I had a good time, I was nice to be the only Chaos Dwarf player there. I got comments all day on how cool the army is.

Over all lessons - 2 earth shakers will kill your comp score. I had no idea with all the horribly powered stuff in WHFB these days that people would knock 2 earth shakers so hard in 2500 points.

More units. I really needed more units in most games, 2 units of 40 hogobs was useful, but 1 unit of 40 and 2 units of 24 would’ve been better. I could’ve redirected/stalled more longer with that set up.

Sneaky Gits are hit and miss; when they worked, they wrecked shop. Otherwise they were a waste. 40 was too many in a unit, no armor save ment they died was too fast. Going horde makes them hard to deploy/maneuver, going deep ment not enough attacks to justify the gits over more hobgobs.

Lore of Shadow is awesome when used right. It takes a bit of practice with the lore, but it’s worth it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my Lone Wolf report.