[Archive] 2500pt Tourney List-Thoughts


Hey guys, playing at a tourney in the next few months. Thinking of playing my CD’s since I just painted and awesome converted K’Dai Destroyer. Please let me know your thoughts.


Sorcerer-Prophet Lvl 4 Hashut

Chalice of blood and darkness

Talisman of Pres

Enchanted Shield


Lvl 1 Daemonsmith lore of fire Dispell scroll

Infernal Castellan


sword of swift slaying

Trickster’s helm





Talisman of Endurance, additional HW

Gold Sigil Sword

Hobgob Khan


Sh/Spear/L. Arm



Sh/L. Arm

Shrieking Blade

Potion of Speed


39 CD Full Command


Banner of eternal flame


5 Centaurs




Banner of swiftness

Magma Cannon



Give your BSB the Mask of the Furnace - I know everybody is doing it, but it’s because it works. You really want to keep this guy alive - making sure your anvil ain’t going anywhere. With shield and MotF he’s 2+/4++.

You could give your Taur’uk this build: Blackshard, dragonhelm and dawnstone. 1+ with a re-roll. He’s gonna be insanely hard to kill!

Fit the Iron Curse Icon in with your BSB or general. That 6++ against warmachines for 5p should never be left at home! It will certainly save more than one dude pr game.

Give your BC’s the Gleaming Pennant instead of banner of swiftness. They are fast enough as is, and they’ll properbly end up outside the general/BSB comfort zone. So the re-roll on failed LD-test is very nice to have.

Depending on what you’ll be facing consider dropping the Banner of Eternal Flame. Flaming Attacks is great in games with lots of buildings or lots of monsters, but against regular Joes it’s not that good. The Lichbone Pennant gives your guys a 6++ against all magic. That’ll also earn itself in any battle.

Lastly I havn’t seen a dispel scroll used in ages for several reasons. When your opponent goes for the kill spell, he’ll use 6 dice getting the irresistable force. And you won’t use the dispel scroll for those small spells. At other times you’ll use the chalice. Save the points, drop the dispel scroll. Or make sure to use it straight away.

Time of Madness:

Solid advice from bloodbeard.

The only thing I’ll add is how little drops you have. With only 4 drops most armies will be able to out deploy you and maybe even be able to avoid the big block of dwarfs all game. Your list will be in a lot of trouble if your opponent can out deploy you and focus on your destroyer. At 2500pts 1 warmachine is a bit of a gamble. Most opponents have enough scouts/skrimishers/flyers etc that they should be able to take out the cannon fairly early on.

Personally I think you’ve gone a bit character heavy, but that’s just my opinion :slight_smile:

Time of Madness