[Archive] 2500pts. For Games this Week


Hello everyone. After my first game with CD’s against my buddy trying out High Elves for the first time I have been able to create a stir of interest in the store with people wanting to see what CD’s are all about. So far I have a game scheduled against a Lizardmen player (HE guy with his lizards), Skaven, twin bros empire, Ogres and possibly a VC player. Now I am point up a 2500pt. list because chances are that is what I will play (very popular point value @ my store) and am taking the chance to try out some units I have not tried yet to see how they do and whether or not they inspire me to change my planned future list. This idea follows a much more aggressive approach to a CD army as I am tempted to see how we do on the attack! As usual any comments, thoughts or ideas are welcome and needed. Thanks for reading guys! :cheers



*w/ Lvl. 4, Lore of Hashut, The Mask of the Furnace, Blood of Hashut

-Infernal Castellan BSB

*w/ Armor of Bazherak the Cruel, Fireglaive

CORE: 640pts.

-x25 Infernal Guard (Sorcerer Here)

*w/ Banner, Musician

-x25 Infernal Guard (BSB Here)

*w/ Banner, Musician

SPECIAL: 1280pts.

-Iron Demon War Engine

*w/ Hellbound

-Iron Demon War Engine

*w/ Hellbound

-x6 K’daai Fireborn

-x6 K’daai Fireborn

TOTAL ARMY: 2500pts.


-Sorcerer Prophet and BSB will each be in a unit of Infernal Guard doing what they do best. They will be moving up with the rest of the army but due to their speed they will be there to hopefully join the combat after my other units engage. Gave BSB fireglaive since I had 15pts. left to spend.

-My x50 infernal guard do what they do best and try to get into combat ASAP (Note: Am considering combining these guys into a single horde unit but am still debating it).

-Big difference from my last game, x2 units of fireborn to charge @ the enemy ASAP and hold them up thanks to unbreakable for as long as possible allowing my Iron Engines and Infernal Guard to close the gap and get into combat. Iron Engines will be firing while they move up hopefully weakening my opponent with a barrage of S6 shots (thinking I could get a good 2 turns of shooting with this).


No destroyer? No magma cannon? No hellcannon? !!!

Only joking. It will be interesting to see how you manage without at least one of the three best units in the list. I think you need to optimise what you have got:

Characters: AoBtC isn’t worth the points. You can get a 2+ armour save with MR2 for less, and give your castellen +1S sword rather than the fireglaive. Ideally, best set-up is:

S-p, 4+ ward from book, enchanted shield

castellen, mask of the furnace, shield.

Not much damage output, but you don’t want them dying. I would also give your s-p the crown of command then you have two stubborn block of infantry.

Upgrade to a champion in each of the infernal guard units, to protect you characters from challenges.

Try to protect the flanks of your iron daemons with the fireborn or infantry.

Looks interesting. Let us know how you get on with the more direct approach.


I agree with nilbog on all his points especially with regards to the crown of command, you will need those blocks to be stubborn. I think a lot of armies will run rings around you though and your K’daai will falter if you send them straight in the front door unsupported. With unstable you have a good chance of losing those 330 point units if they don’t get enough kills in to hold the combat, then you have your toughness tests which you will fail 1/3rd of the time.

Why not try a swapping one unit for 6 Bull centaurs instead. Equipped with great weapons and command group they’re about the same points and pretty reliable.

It might be worth taking a dispel scroll as in a list like this one powerfull spell in the wrong place could ruin your plans.

I’d consider a Skullcracker on one an Iron Demon as well if you plan on getting them straight in to combat. I reckon it woould be worth it over two cannonade shots.

Also as awesome as the idea of a horde of 50 Infernal Guards is, it’s pretty much a single point of failure that can easily be charged by multiple units.

An intersting list though, Id be interested in seeing how it plays out if you get a game with this list. I’ve tried writing lists with no war machines or ranged weapons but they always involve the destroyer. I think you need to plan your attack carefully so your Infernals are supported by flanking in combat ensuring you don’t get bogged down, you will need to charge, break enemy, pursue into position to charge next victim.