[Archive] [26-03-2008] bow_for_hashut's CD host


Hello, I’m bow_for_hashut. You might recognice me from such threads as: “Favourite metal band?” and the über noobish “Black Orc options”.

But enough of this cheesy simpsons thinghy and lets get to the pictures.

my WIP Warriors with great weapons



My redy-to-paint hero Khazh Firethroat (I love the name generator)



My Bitboxes, sprues, tools and my collection of wargame and roleplay books







And to round it up: a picture of yours truely ready for some more converting


and tomorrow I’ll go to the closest GW shop and buy me a dwarf organ gun for making a death rocket and a sorcerer.


I forgot to say that after a lot of tries a thrashed both the ideas of a braided beard and scalemail, instead i went for a natrual curly sort of thing and keeping the chainmail.


Awesome! Looking good, BFH.


Here are the results of the organ gun/cannon I bought yesterday.

The Metal sorcerer Karrhakk Brassfoot.



The Deathrocket and it’s crew.





And that’s all for this time, :cheers to all of you!


Looking good, look beter with some paint on tho :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

nice back ground.like the engineer big hat


PLEASE tell me where you got your skull masks and hats from!


PLEASE tell me where you got your skull masks and hats from!

The masks are from the old empire state warrior shield icons, the hat is a secret:P


Cool beginning! :hat off

Very promising start of your CDs! :cheers

Want to see more and especially painted ones! :wink:

@ Che: … IMO the hat is made from a needle of a pinboard - I don´t know the proper englsh word for it :frowning: (Tjub usually use them as a hat!) :o


Braki Flamebeard:

ah a metallica fan! Nice looking models so far, can’t wait to see more. Whats the plan so far?