[Archive] 2K All round list


I figure that I haven’t posted a list for some time. Here is a slightly adapted version of an old list I used to use, any comments appreciated.

Chaos Dwarf - 2000 Points

Army total of 1994pts


Chaos Dwarf Lord

Sword of Striking, Armour of the Furnace, shield, Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel


Total unit cost: 218pts

Zhaki Ironfist

Chaos Dwarf Hero

great weapon, Armour of Gazrakh, Battle Standard

Total unit cost: 119pts

Rhakhuld Stoneheart

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

2 dispel scrolls

Total unit cost: 115pts

Chaos Dwarf Warriors x 20

full cmd

Total unit cost: 210pts

Zhaki’s Iron Guard

Chaos Dwarf Warriors x 19

great weapon, full cmd

Total unit cost: 239pts

Blunderbussers x 17

full cmd

I like to give my bigger units full cmd

Total unit cost: 234pts

Hobgoblins x 20

Total unit cost: 40pts

Hobgoblin Wolfriders x 10

bow, light armour, shield, Musician

Total unit cost: 170pts

Bolt Thrower

Total unit cost: 30pts

Bolt Thrower

Total unit cost: 30pts

Black Orcs x 15

full cmd

Total unit cost: 243pts

Death Rocket

Total unit cost: 80pts


Total unit cost: 110pts

Bull Centaurs x 6

great weapon, heavy armour, Champion, Standard

Total unit cost: 156pts

No. Pts

Lords: 1 218 (10.93%)

Hero: 2 234 (11.74%)

Core: 3 683 (34.25%)

Special: 4 383 (19.21%)

Rare: 2 266 (13.34%)

N/A: 2 210 (10.53%)


Total: 11 1994


If it were me, i’d take another unit of Blunders instead of the Blorcs, but that’s mostly just personal preference. Looks like a good list.


Wouldnt Khalahd be better of swapping sword of striking and gauntlets for a hammer of hashut he wouldnt slay his guard then.Also i think your bsb cannot take a great weapon so maybe sword of striking or might here?Looks good apart from that although i would rather have biguns than black orcs:)


You’re right, that’ll teach me to switch too much without checking. I don’t usually take a bsb and the lord was on a taurus before. Maybe I’ll drop the Black Orc unit for the Taurus again.


i think that is a good idea… now can i get you to remove the wolfboy bows?

together itd be another unit of vanilla hobbies…


Okay, I’m dropping the BOs for the Taurus, getting rid of the battle standard and adding another bare bones 20 HG units. I’ll have to use gobbo models to represent them though, and I’ve practically maxed out on my big-hatless models.

I like the bows on my wolfriders. They aren’t as good as they used to be (far fewer sniping opportunities) but there are still opponents who freak out at the possibility that they might be able to kill the odd model, and that makes them worth more than the extra 30pts.