[Archive] 2k army: look out skinnies!


At our store we get a lot of elf players and the new high elves are worrying me. With that in mind I am going to laugh in their face as I dispel EVERY SINGLE SPELL! Muahahahaha!

Here’s my first list:

Vortac the Terrible = 325 pts

Lvl 4, Staff of Sorcery, Dispel Scroll, Power Stone

Hrash the Unkind = 150 pts

Lvl 2, 2 Dispel Scrolls

Terroc the Slavemaster = 130 pts

BSB, Armor of the Furnace

Snikity Rokkitstompa = 94 pts

GW, Armor of Gazrakh, Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel

24 Warriors, Full Command = 246 pts (with Vortac)

24 Warriors, Full Command = 246 pts (with Terroc)

15 BB = 180 pts

425 Hobbos = 200 pts

Hobbo BT = 60

15 Immortals (black orcs) Full Command, Burning Banner of Hashut (nogg’s banner of butchery) = 258 pts

Earthshaker = 110 pts

Total = 1999 pts

I’m a little unhappy with the lack of shooting, but I like everything in the army so what to do?

Knight Of Awsome:

get rid of Snikity Rokkitstompa and the black orks that will give you enough points to get 15bbs. try this, im not thinking that it will work. everything is pretty balanced. you could also get a second earth shaker if you try the above.


Instead of the Black orks, maybe a unit of ogres. The ogres impact hits might be usefull in dealing with the elves special rule that lets them attack first. Another suggestion would be another unit of BB, if you have the models. BBs are brutal against T3 armies like elves.


u cannot take orc banners in a chaos dwarf army. no noggs for you. should be enough points for 3 more blorcs for a frontage of 6.


Aww, man:~

Well okay I will edit the list

ps: Nogg’s is only 25 pts. So maybe shields for the blorcs, and then 10pts on…what?


If your going for magic Defensive then have your two sorcerers at lv1 with two scrolls each.

Drop the musicians at TEN point’s each they are not worth it with the point left get a death rocket and ten warriors with great weapons.


If i were gearing an army against HE, then I probably wouldn’t take basic shield and HW warriors at all. I’d just split them down the middle with BBs and warriors with GWs. You ARE going to attack last anyways, you may as well wound on a 2 instead of a 4! Thankfully those little weaklings will only hurt YOU on a 5, which is good protection in and of itself, even if you’ll only get a 5+!