[Archive] 3000 points. What would you take?


The Local Games Workshop store called me up yesterday night, told me about a 3000 point tournament that is coming up this weekend.

2 days to prepare, lots of unpainted minis, but o well.

The main thing that is puzzling me is what to take.

Now, I know I can have the following, I THINK. Unfortunately my book is not on me.

2 Lord level characters, 4 hero level characters

4+ Core?

6 Special?

3 Rare?

I THINK that is what it is off of the top of my head. Yeah, you can tell I play 3k points games alot. ~Sighs~

So basically, my question is…if you were given this in a tournament situation, what would you take? I am debating whipping out my Bull Centaurs for this and placing them in a VERY large unit. I have both a Lammasu and a Great Taurus, but I don’t want to take them as any intelligent player will immeadiateley target them with Artillery and Spells.

I CAN Whip out 3 Earthshakers…but…that’s just kind of brutal and wrong.



I play big games all the time.

I would never use 2 Earthshakers, even at 3k. Games at that scale take long enough as it is, without slowing your opponent down even more with extra ESs.

Take flying creatures and use a hero as your general. Lords on flying critters are loads of fun to play with. Sure, they’re easy to target with shooty things, but you’ll have fun playing with them

At 3k 6 bolt throwers is reasonable, maybe 8 if your opponent is going to take a fair bit of firepower as well.

Big units of Bull centaurs help to distract your opponent from your Lords on flying monsters, but will get hurt bad by enemy bolt throwers.

If you’re planning on using them consider taking Lore of Shadows on your Sorceror lord and hope you get unseen lurker.


Two units of BC with BC hero BSB and lots of hobbo wolfboyz works well an ES is a must and DR if you limit ES .Big uns ,orcs with choppas ? Two units blunder at least and Taurus to play with cool size 3000pts


id take a sorc lord, 2 sorc, a great taurus lord, a bsb, and a hobgoblin chariot popper. give the sorc lord lore of shadows. for your rares id take 2x units of bull centaurs, and an earth shaker. at 3k id like to see 3-4 block infantry: 2-3 units of hw/s warriors, and a unit of black orcs. then 2-4(depending on what size you like to use) units of blunderbusses, 2-4 units of wolfboyz, and 4 bolt throwers with a death rocket.

Uzkul Werit:

Two Earthshakers is fine. A single one won’t effect the battle that much and the second one is useful for redundancy. Instead of a Great Taurus, I’d consider taking a Bull Centaur Lord. He does the same job as the Taurus (without Terror naturally) but for cheaper and you get to keep the CD Lord’s Leadership back with the troops.