[Archive] 3000p list - fluff/competitive


So, i am toying around with a 3000p list. Its suppose to have fluff and some competitive edge to it.

Here is it:

Sorcerer-Prophet - 515p

Lvl 4 - Lore of Hashut - Charmed Shield - 4 ward - Blood of Hashut

Great Taurus

Dark Castellean (Battle Standard Bearer) - 197

The Mask of the Furnace - Shield

Infernal Gurad x29 - 390p

HW & S - FC - Flaming banner (Castellean goes here)

Infernal Gurad x28 - 368p

HW & S - FC

Daemonsmith Sorcerer - 155p

Lvl 2 - Lore of Metal - Dispel Scroll

BullCentaurTaur’ruk - 220p

GW - Enchanted Shield - Dawnstone - Ironcurse Icon - Blackshard Armor

BullCentaursRenders x5 - 275p


K’daai Destroyer - 325p

Magma Cannon - 145p

Magma Cannon - 145p

Deathshrieker Death Rocket - 100p

Deathshrieker Death Rocket - 100p

Hobgoblin Khan - 64p

Wolf - Light Armor - Biting Blade

Total 2999

I am thinking about taking out one DSR and add another Khan instead, and put the rest of the points in IG.

So what do you think?


No coments? I guess I am fine then, lol


more bulls otherwise your taurrurk does not get los from them…