[Archive] 3000pt List for tournament

The Snowman:

Will be using my newly painted CD army. Just trying to finalise a 3000pt list. Restricted somewhat with the models that I have e.g. I would have rather had 2 units of BC than 2 Earthshakers but, I have 2 earthshakers and it would take some time to model some extra BCs.

Most notable changes from my 2250 list is the addition of Wolfriders, and great weapons on one of my core units.

Extra Lord and Hero slots have been fun to add in too. Decided not to go for the Lammasu/sorcerer… just lvl 4 on foot (I’ll have to look after him).

Chaos Dwarf Hero

General; Great Weapon; Heavy Armour

Enchanted Shield

Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel

Bull Centaur Hero

Battle Standard

Sword of Might

Armour of Gazrakh

Chaos Dwarf Lord Great Taurus


Black Hammer of Hashut

Armour of the Furnace

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord

Magic Level 4

Talisman of Protection

Black Gem of Gnar

Dispel Scroll

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Magic Level 2

Dispel Scroll x2

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Magic Level 2

Staff of Sorcery

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician, Champ

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician Champion

19 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

Blunderbuss; Heavy Armour; Standard; Musician, champ

15 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

Blunderbuss; Heavy Armour

2x10 Hobgoblins

Normal Bow

10 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

Light Armour; Shield; Musician

4 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

2 Earthshakers

6 Bull Centaurs

Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Shield

Casting Pool: 10

Dispel Pool: 6

Models in Army: 145

Total Army Cost: 3000

Da Crusha:

thats a pretty nice list, it looks really balanced, you use far fewer hobbgobbos than I would use although I use them as meatshields and with 2 earthshakers I don’t think your opponent will get many shots off. I would still add some for redirecting and blocking magic missle LoS. do you know which armies you will be facing off against? how big is the tournament?

The Snowman:

Looking to get around 30-40 players. 5 Games over 2 days.

Just from what we are experiencing in Australia at the moment with composition scores I expect a pretty good mix of armies. Plenty of Chaos probably (more warriors than demons would be my guess) Plenty of Dark elves, A few Wood elf players and dwarf are popular as well around here. I actually expect all armies to be represented. Last year I played a dogs of war player too.

I am kind of limited by models that I have. I have 10 Sneaky Gitz and 15 Black orcs but that is about the extent of my greenskins (that haven’t made an appearance). I am currently looking for more BfSP to convert for them. I have not played with this amount of magic before, or a hero level general so any advice on the setup with them would be good.


Great list :slight_smile: I think that will do well its covers all the areas and does not leave you weak any where best of luck at the tournament :slight_smile: