[Archive] 3500 pts 4-way Storm of Magic advice please


Hey gang,

I’m playing a big four-way game on the 22nd of December with three good friends of mine. One will play Wood Elves and he’s darn good at it. One will most likely play Orcs & Goblins which he is really good at and he tends to let’s say make really good use of his rules (Squig Herds with only a single Squig in etc) or he may play Vampire Counts, which I doubt. The last player will likely play Daemons of Chaos which he’s new at, or he may play Empire with which he has experience. I’ll be playing my Legion of Azgorh.

We’ll be playing 3.500 pts Battle Royale Storm of Magic.

Sorcerer-Prophet 605 pts

- Lvl 4, Lore of Hashut

- Book of Ashur, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem

- Bale Taurus

Daemonsmith Sorcerer 145 pts

- Lvl 1, Lore of Fire

- Chalice of Blood and Darkness

Daemonsmith Sorcerer 120 pts

- Lvl 1, Lore of Metal

- Dispel Scroll, Charmed Shield

Infernal Castellan 202 pts

- BSB, shield

- Stone Mantle, Dragonbane Helm, Sword of Might (+1S)

Bull Centaur Taur�?TUk 220 pts

- Blackshard armour, shield

- Crown of Command, Luckstone, Potion of Speed

24 Infernal Guards 474 pts

- Full command group, Banner of Eternal Flame

- Blunderbusses

25 Infernal Guards 407 pts

- Full command group

- Great weapons

3x Deathshrieker Rocket 100/300 pts

Iron Daemon 310 pts

- Hellbound

6 Bull Centaurs 370 pts

- Full command group, Banner of +1LD

- Great weapons, shields

K�?TDaai Destroyer 325 pts

Total: 3478 pts, 22 pts left
Now, a couple of notes on the list:

1. I don’t own any Hobgoblins so they won’t be in! :slight_smile:

2. I don’t own a Magma Cannon but I found a Dwarf Flame Cannon that I wanted to convert so that I could use it until I can afford to buy an actual Magma Cannon, so I will only add a Magma Cannon if I can convert it in time. Problem is I want to convert my Sorcerer-Prophet on Bale Taurus first! (I won’t have any time for hobby stuff until the afternoon of the 19th and onward)

3. I have had a lot of success with the Hailshot Blunderbusses despite their price. Still, I don’t know how to effectively fill out my Core requirements.

I’m in the middle of preparing for an exam on Monday as well as writing a take home exam paper (due Monday) but I thought it would be best to throw the list up here to give us as much time as possible to discuss together!

Any ideas, suggestions and advice you can give will be greatly appreciated. After all two sets of eyes are better than one, or however the saying goes. Thanks!