[Archive] 3600+ Pts vs Vanilla Dwarfs


Battle Report - Dawi Zharr V�?Ts Vanilla Dwarfs 23/4/14 to 03/5/14
3600+ points.   Objective =   Annihilation of the Enemy (no turns limit)

We had been wanting to play another game for quite a while but between my work, renovations and his High school work, things always seem to intervene.   So in a rush at a gap between my work and his holidays we threw together a confrontation between our erstwhile relatives.  He had the 7th Ed�?T Dwarf book and I�?Td play LoA, both with a house rule thrown in.

I’ve been trying to learn how to make battle maps but haven’t succeded yet

The Armies - Vanilla Dwarfs

Dwarf Lord - Mounted on a Bear, Great Weapon, Crossbow, Runes =Skalf, Cleaving and Striking & Iron stone
Rune Lord - runes that made him immune to fire.
Thane �?" Shield, Crossbow, Runes of Cleaving and Striking, Resistance & Furnace
Daemonslayer �?"some nasty first strike runes etc.
Dragon Slayer - ? as to runes
Engineers x 2 with Brace of Pistols.   Cannons x 2 with Rune of Reloading & Fortune on No1 and Immolation on No2, Organ Guns x 2, (25) x Ironbreakers with Master  Rune Grungi?, 2 x (20) Longbeards,
2 x (10) Thunderer, (20) Rangers, (10) Miners. (30) Giant Slayers. (15) Warriors.
Full Command on all Units.  Banners of Courage& Determination on Longbeards No1 & Determination on LB’s No2

The Armies - Chaos Dwarfs

Overlord - Great weapon, brace of Pistols, Armour of Bazherak and the Dawnstone.
CastellanBSB - Enchanted Shield, Ogre blade and Naphtha Bombs
Bull Centaur Tauruk - Great Weapon, Blackshard Armour, Dragonhelm & Crown of Command
2 x L2 Daemonsmiths with pistols. 3 x Khan Wolf raiders.
6 x Bull Centaurs,   (25) CD warriors, both with Full Command
2 x (5) Wolf Raiders with musicians and spears, 2 x (25) Hobgoblin Archersmusicians only
Hellcannon, Magma Cannon, 2 x Death Rockets,  Destroyer,  2 x Iron Daemons

The Dwarf Lord mounted on the Bear uses the old Kislev Boyar’s rules for the bear as one of our house rules.
I got to take an Overlord from Thommy’s rules into the otherwise Straight Legion of Azgorh list and I could take the Lore of Hashut on my Daemonsmiths.  Probably a poor choice in hindsight but I haven’t had much of a chance to use it much at all and I wanted to.



I think I’ll describe the set-up and play of the game as if I’m facing north.  I have yet to conquer the mapping programs, so it will have to remain verbal and photo’s again

My son (Liam) set up the terrain whilst I was occupied elsewhere.   He’d placed clumps of trees across the centre-line of the table and one hill in each deployment zone.   The thing in the centre is the beginnings of a portal he is building.   But as no one went through the object, it did nothing except scare people from going through it.  There was also a watchtower on the western edge and a pig-sty in the northeast corner.

Probably due to the objective of “Annihilation” he had less of a static gun-line than I’m used to him playing.  From west to east (left to right) he laid out his forces as follows:-

Firstly the Daemonslayer, then the Longbeards No1 including the Runelord with the unit of warriors to the rear.  Then Organ Gun No1 and the Giant  Slayers including the Dragon Slayer in front of his hill with the  Thunderers No 1 on it to the rear.   Next is Organ Gun No1 and his Dwarf Lord on the Bear(Dwarven Bear Rider Captain from reaper mini’s) followed by the big block of Ironbreakers.   Then Organ Gun No2, Thunderers No2, Longbeards No2 and cannon No2 and lastly the vicious pig-sty.

For myself from west to east I placed these in a staggered sort of array:-

Firstly the Destroyer followed by Hobgoblin Khan No2 (4th Ed’ model) and Wolf Riders No1.  Next Iron Daemon No1, and Hobgoblin Archers No1.   Then the Magma Cannon attended by Daemonsmith No1.  On the hill Daemonsmith No2 flanked on either side by the two Death (Shrieker) Rockets.   Then Hobgoblin Khan No3 ( a Hobgoblin? on a rearing Tiger) and Wolf Riders No2.   After them Iron Daemon No2 (the Juggernaut), Hobgoblin Khan No1 (Ghazak Khan), lastly the Tauruk, the Hellcannon and the Bull Centaurs.

Liam then placed his Rangers(scouts move) into trees and the roll gave him the �?oVenom Thicket�?�and that is where the cowardly dogs stayed all game and shot at my poor hobgoblins.

I then moved my wolf riders out in their vanguard moves towards either flank using whatever tree cover I could.

For magic - Daemonsmith No1 got Lore of Hashut No�?Ts 3 & 5,

Daemonsmith No2 got Lore of Hashut No’s1 & 3.

I won the roll off and elected to go first.  Mainly to set up my cavalry units for hunting before they got shot and hopefully do some damage with my war machines before he started his shooting.



Dawi Zharr Turn 1

Moves - Moved all the Wolf riders and Khans up wide on both flanks as usual for me just to begin harassing his machines and flanks and took the Bull Centaurs up wide on the right behind some tree cover. The Iron Daemons trundled forward just because that�?Ts what they do. The Hobgoblin archer units only moved so as to be able to begin shooting at his units.

Magic - Daemonsmith No2 attempted to cast Breath of Hatredon Hobgoblin Archers No2 using 2 dice and rolled 2 sixes. The miscast saw him lose both off his sorcerer levels and his spells and the rest of the dice pool drain away.

Shooting - Hobgoblins No 1 KIA�?Td 1 x Giant Slayer and Hobgoblins No2 failed to kill any of the Rangers.

Hellcannon KIA�?Td 3 x Long-beards No2, Iron Daemon No1 KIA�?Td 4 x Giant Slayers

Iron Daemon No2 KIA�?Td 1 x Iron-breaker 31 (horde). Death Rocket No1 missed and

Death RocketNo2 KIA�?Td all 3 of Cannon No1’s crew leaving it with an Engineer.

Vanilla Dwarfs Turn 1

Moves - Daemonslayer failed charge on Khan No2.Lord on Bear moved forward. The Giant Slayers moved forward. Longbeards No2 turned to face Bull Centaurs & the two Khans on the eastern end of the field.

Shooting - Cannon No2 1 wound on Khan No3, KIA�?Td 3 x wolves with grapeshot and last 2 flee off table

Organ Gun No1 put 1 wound on Iron Daemon No2, Cannon No1 put 4 wounds on Iron Daemon No1, The Rangers KIA�?Td 3 x Hobgoblin Archers No2 and Organ Gun No1 KIA�?Td 6 x Hobgoblin Archers No1

Pretty much a run of the mill first turn, without any real surprises, at least we got one full turn played before real life ensued. That afternoon my work/shiftstarted at 2pm and we were immediately tasked with an “urgent” medical transfer to Canberra which is over two hours�?T drive away. Once there though and with the job finished, it would put me within a 5 minute drive of our closest GW shop. Now being an impulsive sort and really happy that my son was showing some interest in WHFB again instead of �?oMagic�?�, I raced in and bought the 8th Ed�?T Dwarf Book for him.

Big, Big mistake. He loved it and wanted to use it. So we decided that for him to be able to use any rules out of it, we would roll off for each of them. A lot he didn’t worry about, but for those he did�?� Well I lost every single roll. He got (from memory) the Ancestral Grudge �?oHatred of everybody�?�, Shield-wall and Death Blow on his Slayers (although he later admitted that he did play that one wrong, much to my detriment but I don�?Tt think it would have changed the outcome).



Dawi Zharr   Turn 2

Moves - Destroyer charged Longbeards No1 with Runelord.   Khan No2 failed its charge at Organ Gun No1,   Bull Centaurs and Khans 1 & 3 charged his Cannon No2

Magic - Nil as no one was in range of Daemonsmiths No1�?Ts spells.

Shooting - Iron Daemon No2 KIA�?Td last 5 Longbeards No2.   Hellcannon KIA�?Td 2 x Organ Gun No1 crew.

Iron Daemon No1 KIA�?Td 4 x Giant Slayers (3 x ward saved),  Magma Cannon KIA�?Td 2 x Giant Slayers (only 1 got itsWard Save this time)Hobgoblins No 1 KIA�?Td 1 x Giant Slayer (1 x ward save)  and Hobgoblins No 2 KIA�?Td 2 x Rangers. Death Rocket No1 KIA�?Td 2 x Thunderers.

Close Combat - Destroyer KIA�?Td 1 x Longbeards No1 with Blazing Body, 4 in Close Combat and 2 more with its Thunder stomp.   They passed the break test on their unmodified Leadership (Banner Rune of Courage I think)

Vanilla Dwarfs Turn 2

Moves - Daemonslayer charged in to help the Longbeards and Runelord with the Destroyer.

Lord & bear moved further towards the western side of field, instead of going through to my side as I�?Td expected.   A unit of ten Miners appears behind Hobgoblins No2, between the Death Rockets and the Hellcannon.  I had forgotten all about miners.

Shooting - Organ Gun and Thunderers failed to wound Iron Daemon No1.  The Ranger X-Bows KIA�?Td

6 x Hobgoblins No 2.   Cannon No1 destroys my Iron Daemon No1

Close Combat - Bull Centaur Champion KIA�?Td the Engineer on Cannon No2 which promptly exploded (Rune of Immolation) KIA�?Ting Khan No3 and wounding Khan No1.  Bull Centaurs took no damage.

Destroyer KIA�?Td 2 x Longbeards No1 with Blazing Body and put 1 x wound on the Daemonslayer , KIA�?Td 4 more in Close Combat and 2 more with Thunder stomp.  The Destroyer however lost 4 wounds in total.  These being 1 wound from the Daemonslayer and 2 from the RuneLord as well as 1 more from �?ounstable�?�.   The Longbeards again pass the break test on their unmodified Leadership.

I continued to move my bigger units up for all the usual intents and purposes, IE:  to begin doing some serious damage to his units but not much succeeded. The wiping out of his second Longbeard unit on the eastern side dented him some as it had a special runic banner of some sort he wanted to use and the silencing of one of his organ guns definitely helped.   The loss of an Iron Daemon did hurt and the exploding cannon trick hurt a little bit, and his looming Bear / Lord combo made me reform the Bull Centaurs instead of sending them careening through into his thunderers.  That banner of courage just keeps on saving that dratted Runelord and his longbeards.



Dawi Zharr Turn 3

Moves - Charges - Bull Centaurs into the Dwarf Lord on bear with his Stand and Shoot causing no hits and Iron Daemon No2 charges into its flank from the right. Khan No1 got into the flank of the Thunderers No2. Wolves No1 and Khan No2 into Organ Gun No2. The Tauruk charged into the Miners, who’s stand and shoot with their bombs (I had almost forgot about them as well) caused no damage. Hobgoblins No 1 shuffled themselvesback to give a bit more shooting time on the slayers and the CD Warriors turned to the east in preparation for the dwarfs assault.

Magic - Cast Hellhammer on the Giant Slayers - Dispelled, Curse of Hashut on Dragon Slayer with Irresistible Force but no wounds and Daemonsmith No1 took a wound from the misfire roll.

Shooting - Hobgoblins No 1 KIA�?Td 2 Slayers, Magma Cannon missed. Hobgoblins No 2 KIA�?Td 4 x Rangers.

Hellcannon KIA�?Td 6 x Rangers (passed test). Death Rocket No1 rolls Misfire twice and goes BOOOM. Then Death Rocket No2 rolls misfire and malfunctions (that made it three misfire rolls in a row).

Close Combat - Destroyer KIA’d the Daemon Slayer and 3 more Longbeards. Wolfs and Khan No2 KIA’d the Organ Gun Crew and Khan No2 overruns into the front of the Thunderers No1 on the hill, He then KIA’d 1 Thunderer in Close Combat and stays put. While the two wolf riders reformed 180 degree to face the on-coming warriors.Iron Daemon No2 did 3 impact hits, putting 2 wounds on the bear and 1 on the lord. The bear does 1 wound and the Lord got 4 wounds on the Bull Centaurs who only reply with one wound on the bear. The Bull centaurs fail their break test and flee off the table (the plan was for the Tauruk to be with them to make them stubborn but he’d gone elsewhere). The Tauruk KIA’d the Miner’s champion in the Challenge and the remaining nine miners flee off the table.

Vanilla Dwarfs Turn 3

Moves - Dwarf Warriors charge the two wolf riders with no Stand &Shoot kills. Whilst the Slayers charged the Hobgoblin Archers No1 and lose 5 to their Stand &Shoot. The dragon slayer had left the unit of slayers to target the Daemonsmiths

Shooting - Cannon No1 KIA’d 1 x Hobgoblin No2 and the Rangers KIA’d 2 more Hobgoblins No 2

Close Combat - The Destroyer KIA’d 1 x Longbeard with blazing body, 3 more in CLOSE COMBAT and Thunder stomps KIA’d last 2 and put 2 wounds on the Runelord. He stays and fights on. The Dwarf Warriors KIA’d 2 wolfs and the last two flee and in pursuit the warriors hit the flank of Khan No2. The Khan challenges the warrior champion and his wolf eats him. Khan No2 passes his Leadership roll and stays and fights. Khan No1 fails to KIA any Thunderers No2, fails his test, flees and is caught. The Lord and Bear destroy Iron Daemon No2 causing 3 & 2 wounds respectively. The Slayers dish out 16 hits for 13 wounds and KIA’d 12 x Hobgoblin Archers No1. The last 3 flee �?osuccessfully�?�.

This round hurt a lot, especially losing the Bull Centaurs and the other Iron Daemon. That totally buggered up any plans I had for that eastern end of the board. The loss of the Death Rocket, Khan and the unit of Hobgoblins are on par with averages. Though it sort of match�?Ts his loss�?Ts of the Organ Gun, Daemonslayer, the last of the Longbeards and the Miners.



Dawi Zharr Turn 4

Moves - The 2 fleeing wolf riders rally but the fleeing Hobgoblins No 1 escape of the table.

CD warriors charge the last 6 Giant Slayers

Magic - Failed to successfully cast anything again whilst trying to KIA the Dragon Slayer

Shooting - Daemon Smith No1’s pistol shot put 1 wound on the Dragon Slayer, whilst Hobgoblins No 2 KIA’d another single ranger. The magma cannon hits 12 Ironbreakers but only KIA’d 1. Death Rocket No2 missed the Lord and Bear but the Hellcannon got it with a direct hit and misfire. The misfire turning into the “BIG Blast”. Leaving the bear finally dead but the lord passed all three of his ward saves.

Close Combat - The Destroyer finally stomps the Runelord into the dust. Khan No2 challenges the Thunderers champion who refuses leaving the Khan to KIA 1 Thunderer, lose by 4 points and pass his Leadership test. My Lord and BSB fight first against the slayers KIA’d 5 of them with the resultant death blows raining down on them. 8/10 on the BSB for 5 hits and 2 wound suffered = BSB dead.

7 out of 10 attacks on the Lord for 3 hits and 2 wounds suffered. CD warriors KIA last Giant Slayer but lose 2 of their number to the death blows.

Vanilla Dwarfs Turn 4

Moves - Dragon Slayer failed his charge on the Daemonsmith, Ironbreakers charged the Destroyer

Lord ambled forward towards my lines.

Shooting - Organ Gun KIA’d 1 x Wolf Rider and the last passes his Leadership test. Cannon No1 KIA’d 1 x CD warrior. The Rangers KIA’d 3 x Hobgoblins No 2 with 3 hits.

Close Combat - Khan No2 dies in fight with the Thunderers No1. Destroyer burns 1 x Ironbreaker, KIA’d 2 in Close Combat and 1 with Thunder stomp. Thane saves 1 via his ward save. Ironbreakers launch 19 attacks at the Destroyer causing 7 hits for only 1 wound, but the destroyer then dies via unstable

The writing is really on the wall at the end of this round. No Iron Daemons left; the Destroyer, Bull Centaurs and BSB gone and most of my chaff gone. Half my war machines destroyed and magic basically useless. His Ironbreakers are free to come through and face my warriors, who are now pretty much outnumbered and outmatched I think.



Dawi Zharr Turn 5

Moves - CD warriors charged the Dragon Slayer, Tauruk charges the Dwarf Lord whose Stand & Shoot misses. Whilst my last Wolf Raider charges the Thunderers in their rear

Magic - Fizzled yet again

Shooting - Hobgoblins No2 missed the Rangers, the Hellcannon missed whomever its target was.

The Magma Cannon KIA’d 3 Ironbreakers and the Death Rocket KIA’d 1 with a demolition rocket hit

Close Combat - Slayer challenges with the CD Warrior Champion accepting and subsequently dying. The Tauruk takes 3 wounds fighting the Dwarf Lord, fails his break test despite being stubborn and flees. And the last Wolf Rider dies valiantly fighting the Thunderers

Vanilla Dwarfs Turn 5

Moves - Dwarf Lord charges the fleeing Tauruk who continues to flee completely off the table.

Shooting - Rangers KIA’d 2 x Hobgoblins No2.

Close Combat - Both the Dragon Slayer and Lord KIA each other in Challenge (Death Blows again).

Not much to say here at all,


Dawi Zharr Turn 6

Moves - Hobgoblins No 2 reformed to face the Dwarf Lord. CD warriors turned to face the expected charge from the Ironbreakers

Magic - Cast Breath of Hatred on the CD Warriors

Shooting - Both Magma cannon and Hellcannon KIA’d only 2 Iron breakers apiece for hitting them with 6 and 7 wounds respectively

Close Combat - Non this turn

Vanilla Dwarfs Turn 6

Moves - Dwarf lord moved around the Hellcannon’s left flank. Ironbreakers charge the CD Warriors.

Shooting - Thunderers No2 do 2 x wounds to the Hellcannon. Rangers KIA’d 1 x Hobgoblins No 2

Close Combat - Dwarf Thane KIA’d 1 x CD warrior, Ironbreakers KIA 2 x CD Warriors. Whilst the CD’s Warriors KIA’d nothing. They Lose by 4 and pass the test.

Not much to say here either,



Dawi Zharr Turn 7

Moves - The Hellcannon gives up turning to chase the Lord and remains aimed at the others

Magic - nothing noted

Shooting - Hellcannon aims at the Thunderers No2 misses by 10 inches and KIA’d 2 x Rangers.

Magma Cannon KIA’d 2 x Dwarf Warriors. Death rocket KIA’d 3 x Dwarf Warriors.

Close Combat - Thane KIA’d 1 x CD Warrior, Dwarf Warriors KIA’d 4 x CD Warriors& CD’s KIA’d 2 x Dwarf warriors in return. CD’s lose, fail the break test, Flee and are caught and KIA’d

Vanilla Dwarfs Turn 7

Moves - Lord on foot charges the Hellcannon, Ironbreakers charge the Daemonsmith No2

Shooting - Thunderers KIA’d 2 x Hobgoblins & rangers KIA’d 1 x Hobgoblins. Cannon No 1 hits the Death Rocket No2 but no wounds

Close Combat - Dwarf Lord KIA’d the Hellcannon. And the crew fail the Break test and flee off the table.

Thane Challenges and kills Daemonsmith No2

Liam did offer an honourable withdrawal at this point for my last Daemonsmith, the Magma Cannon and remaining nine or so Hobgoblins. But NO, this is a fight to the bitter end.


Dawi Zharr Turn 8

Moves - Daemonsmith No1 shrewdly moves to hide behind the magma cannon.

Magic - Cast Breath of Hatred on the Magma Cannon with Irr’ force but didn’t hurt self this time.

Shooting - Failed to KIA anything

Close Combat - Nil

Vanilla Dwarfs Turn 8

Moves - Dwarf Lord charges the Hobgoblins No 1 who bravely stand and shoot, Ironbreakers charge the Magma Cannon in the flank

Shooting - Cannon No1 Hits the Death Rocket again and KIA’d it completely with 5 hits this time.

Close Combat - Dwarf Lord KIA’d 2 x Hobgoblins No2 who fail their test, the rest Flee and are caught and KIA’d. The Ironbreakers easily KIA’d the Magma Cannon and overrun into the Daemonsmith. His Thane Challenges and kills my Daemonsmith No1

- Who was the last Dawi Zharr standing.

And too those three Hobgoblins, six Bull centaurs and the Tauruk, who

failed to die valiantly or at least in battle!

Hashut is not Happy with you …