[Archive] 39...first Kidney Stones

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi everyone!

Saturday, October 26th, was my wife and I’s 10th anniversary. She had to work night shift in the neighboring town at 7-11 and I ended up putting the girls to sleep.

2:30 am, I wake up in pain and throw up because of it. The pain kept increasing and I decided to phone my wife and then EMS.

The EMS took me to the hospital in Calgary and the RCMP (Police) looked after my 2 sleeping girls until my wife could get a babysitter to the house. The RCMP actually drove over and picked up the babysitter and delivered her to our house.

I ended up getting 5 shots of morphine (Which didn’t end any pain) and I passed one 3mm stone. I still have a 1mm inside me somewhere that will eventually come out. I just hope it isn’t as painful.

Entered hospital at 4:00 am and was allowed to leave at 9:30 the next morning. Not a fun night by any means!


Wow! That’s crazy. My uncle has had stones a few times and they’re no joke. Glad u passed the bigger one . Hope u feel better and best wishes on a quick recovery


You must be cursed Blackhand. Damn.

Get better soon. I hope you’ll celebrate your anniversary well some other time.


Auch… Not a nice night to have by any means. Hope you feel better and the next one comes out “easier”

Fuggit Khan:

Well, at least your 10th Wedding anniversary will be memorable, even though for all the wrong reasons…Hashut is a harsh master :frowning:

Good luck though that it was not anything more serious or potentially fatal, despite the pain you went through.

Anyways, Happy 10 years to you and the missus…hopefully your 20 yrs will be less eventful :cheers


Ouch, I hope you’ll not be further familiar with kidney stones in the future. Best of luck and grit your teeth.


So many jokes…

I’ll refer to the Willmark surgery thread, laughter is the best medicine, right?

Fight the urge to tell your wife you now understand the pain of childbirth. Apparently it’s not a welcome observation no matter how correct it is (well, from a “certain” POV). Although I’m told they can use somekind of ultrasonic method to break them up. Try and convince the wife to yell at the kidney after you explain about the pain comparison.

At first I was like “ouch man kidney stones”, but then I saw that about 10 years of marriage. I’m surprised you even felt the stone come out…

Ok so only two jokes so far.


At first I was like "ouch man kidney stones", but then I saw that about 10 years of marriage. I'm surprised you even felt the stone come out...

LOL. :hat off

Anyway Tarrakk, it's still better than your first 39 kidney stones!

Glad your kids were alright. Big thumbs up to the RCMP there for stepping in. That's fantastic. I've got an ex who is an RCMP officer somewhere around the Calgary area. Probably just as well I don't live anywhere near her now that she has such power ;)


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Thanx guys!

Well, at one point, I felt it was more painful trying to explain to my wife over the phone that I was in pain and experiencing Kidney Stones that the stones themselves!

“Oh What A Night!”


Please, please, say you kept it and that you’ll incorporate it into some terrain…


Best thing for stones is limit your sugars and drink tons of water. Buddy of mine had them and said they were not fun.


Please, please, say you kept it and that you'll incorporate it into some terrain..

My thoughs exactly! I hear they smell awfull though, might want to give it a coat or two of varnish ;)

Get better Mr. Blackhand, and congratulations on 10 years going strong :cheers:cheers