[Archive] 3k First Attempt

Sorceror-Prophet Nalgrund:

Hey guys. Been getting into CD more and more, after getting Tamurkhan. These guys do everything for me; insane magic, awesome artillery, awesome heavy infantry and perfect chaff, useful monsters, sweet characters…Lizardmen really only do one or two of those well. So, taking a break from my main army, branching out.

Been playing around and tweaking my first list. I’m just trying to figure out how much Forge World gear I actually need, and how much I can model myself (for example, the heroes I can mod with WoC and lesser Dwarf bits, and the Destroyer has to be modelled). Looking at about 60 Infernals and 40 Hobgoblins. Magma cannons I’ll just get using the lesser Dwarf version, modded with evil runes n bits (the Forge World ones are sexy but oh god $$$).

Anyway, enough blah, here is the list;


Level 4 Hashut Prophet General w/Furnace Mask, Darkforged Axe, Blackshard Armour, Ironcurse Icon

Level 4 Death Prophet w/Darkforged Axe, Armour of Destiny


BSB Infernal Castellan w/Sword of Might, Blackshard Armour, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Potion of Speed

Level 1 Fire Daemonsmith w/Dragonhelm, Enscorcelled Axe, Blackshard Armour


Standard Bearer w/Banner of Flame, Musician, 26 x Infernal Guardians w/fireglaives

Standard Bearer, Musician, 26 x Infernal Guardians w/fireglaives

(2) 20 x Hobgoblins w/bows


(3) Magma Cannon


K’Daai Destroyer

Deployment wise, Death Prophet and Daemonsmith join the Flame Infernals, Hashut General and Castellan join the normal Infernals.

Magma cannons deploy on each flank and in between the Infernals.

Hobgoblins guard flanks of Infernals from flank attacks, and charge flanks of enemy units that charge the Infernals.

Destroyer goes on a flank to shoot up and eat skirmishers/cavalry/flankers/artillery. He also is a pretty good tank and if need be, I can slam him into the flank of a Steadfast block to deny ranks and swing combat.

Been thinking of some changes (it’s pretty homogeneous), but I’m ruling out the following;

- Drazhoath: Following the seemingly-universal law of ‘special characters can never be as good/cheap as generic’, and he’s mounted to boot.

- Taur’uk: Castellan can join anyone, and you have to take Centaurs. Plus he’s about 50 points too expensive, unless you like only having generic gear.

- Ironsworn: Magic attacks only really matter against Ethereals, which your magic missiles and characters kill just fine. WS5 is nice but I prefer Infernals TBH. They have guns on top of S5 for the same price.

- Deathshrieker: Eh, it’s very chancy compared to the other artillery

- Siege Giant: Maybe in a scenario, but for general use, Destroyer is a million times better

So, what do you guys think? I’m tossing up between Centaurs and Fireborn. They give me another unit to flank and disrupt/assassinate with. Bull Centaurs are cheaper, tougher and more options.

Fireborn have straight 4+ ward against everything, flaming attacks and better Initiative.

Dreadquake mortar is pretty sweet, as is Iron Daemon. $$$, but the models are very well done.


what about hellcannons?

personally i dont like fireglaives, i field them just with hw and shield, or gw.

Sorceror-Prophet Nalgrund:

Eh, I’m not a fan. Scatter dice tend to screw me in both systems, and Hellcannons just don’t massacre multi-wound infantry (which give us the most problems) like a Magma Cannon can. Hellcannons are also a Rare choice, and are more expensive.

I think fireglaives are underrated. S4 doesn’t cut it in close-combat, S6 is great but striking last sucks. S5 is a nice middle-ground, and hitting at Initiative is handy. Things that go faster than you are unlikely to shrug off S5, and things that go after you (lesser Dwarves, Saurus, great weapon Marauders etc) don’t enjoy getting hit first.

Individually, the handgun part isn’t amazing, but when you’ve got an entire unit of 20-30 all firing, you can kill some stuff. Good for scaring off cavalry, skirmishers, chaff, lone monsters etc, which aren’t worth shooting warmachines or slamming the Destroyer into. Also helps to soften up an enemy unit before combat (either by firing the previous turn, or firing and getting more shots when you stand and shoot the enemy unit when it charges). I hate the shooting rules in Fantasy (modifiers, modifiers everywhere), but if you spam, you can get hits.

When stacked with Flame banner, it’s like having built-in Fireball spells for each unit (roughly the same number of hits, doesn’t use power dice and can’t be easily avoided).