[Archive] 3rd Edition Stuff


Games work shop still sales the 4th edition CD through their order catalog, or atleast the one from like 2006 or 2005. Do they still sale the 3rd edition stuff, I think the tenderizer, swivel gun, bazuka teams, and mortar team are all 3rd edition and I want to look into getting some. Does anyone know if GW still sales these items?


not as far as im aware. u will have to rely on vulture-bay for these.


I don’t think they sell the 4th edition stuff anymore either as far as I know. At least last I looked all the old figures were off the order site. Or am I wrong? If I am I am ordering a bunch more blunderbuss figures! :smiley:


I’m afraid you’re at the mercy of auction sites though people here have 3rd edition stuff to trade. It all depends want you want to do with the models, 3rd edition and big hat figures don’t work together so it’s either one army or the other and neither is cheap to get hold of. All of those pieces you mentioned are great models so if you can get them, go for it, I’ve 2 spare mortars kicking around.

Myself, I favour the 3rd but good luck in whatever route you take.:slight_smile:


GW probably doesn’t have the moulds for them anymore, so even if they wanted to sell them they couldn’t.

Sadly you’re stuck with eBay, Bartertown, or trying to get some via people on this site.


Ya i like the third edition more between the two, but I like the new ones on the hell cannon most:)