[Archive] 40 Hobgoblins vs. 3 Bull Centaurs



I’m relatively new to the forums and Chaos Dwarves so I have a question. I have $50.00 FLGS credit I need to use and I am considering the following units.

40 Hobgoblin cutthroats to be used in multiple smaller units or one big horde.


One unit of three Bull Centaur Renders.

Granted each has different uses. Which do you find to be more useful or simply prefer? Why?

If you were me which would you choose?

Thank you in advance.


BCs for several reasons.

1. I love the BC concept. They str some cool monsters and miniatures.

2. You got room for a great basing project.

3. It’ll take forever to paint 40 hobgoblins.

4. Gamewise. I never think in rules or ways to victory. When collecting i go for awesome.

If the hobgoblins eere insanely cool models I might consider them.

Singleton Mosby:

Which models are you considering for your hobgoblins?


Fact is, both units have their role in your army… Personally, I usually field around 8 BC, and 48 hobgobbos in 2 units to fill the gaps between my dwarf-units. Give the hobbos aditional hand weapons, and you’ve got a unit that can take a swing at most empire units, marauders,…


I like both. I would say go for the centaurs as they are a great addition to the army (M7 along dwarves is awesome) but Hobgoblins go in the core and you always need core.


Which models are you considering for your hobgoblins?

Singleton Mosby
Mantic goblins or orcs.


It depens on what you already have. If you have enough core I would say go for bc otherwise go for the hobs


The new BCs are one of my favorite models in the CD range. With a stubborn Taur’ruk they are great imo, alone not so much. I only play with CD as core, cause I like to keep it CD clean :). But Hobbos can and will fill a role in the right setup, and do it well. Go for what you like… :wink:


Thanks for all of the comments.

How is running just the Dwarves working out for you? I used to play empire and dwarves so 2 blocks of infantry seems small to me.

Right now I have 26 blunderbusses on the way (should be in the mail buy the end of the week). I’m thinking these will serve to protect the war machines and hold a flank as a last line if things are going badly and a second brick if they are not.

25 infernal guard, 20 with hw + shield and 5 with GW, with plans to add 15 more with GW. Ultimately I can run them up to a 40 strong horde as either GW or hw + shield. The anvil.

So far the other list options are as follows:

1 x Sorcerer Prophet

1 x Daemonsmith

2 x Castellans

3 x Khans

2 x magma cannons

1 x Dreadquake mortar

1 x Iron Daemon

1 x Destroyer

I can see small units of Hobgoblins or even another medium or big block being extremely useful.

The BC’s have the advantage of being able to keep up with the iron daemon and the Destroyer and can multitask as a speed bump and warmachine + chaff hunters.