[Archive] 4000 points versus Skaven


title says it all.

I´m playing my first solo game with my LoA against skaven tonight - I´m pretty settled on my list, so I´m not really seeking advice here, I´m just interested in the different approaches members have; in the end, my model count is probably even lower than with my woodies although I´m concentrating on infantry, and skaven are, well, skaven.

fyi I will most definitely be using:

Lv4 Proph on Taurus

Castellan BSB

2 smithies

4 Blocks 25 strong of infernals; some of you are not going to like this :stuck_out_tongue: :

1 IG HW/shield, 1 Fireglaives, 1 BBs and one Ironsworn

1 Block of 50 hobbos 2hw

6 Centaurs GW

Iron Daemon

2 Shriekers

1 Magma cannon

… so again, that is my approach - attrition! I´m not asking you to tweak, I´m asking you to come up with your own design.

Time of Madness:

How did the game go?

I’m not a fan of the 4 blocks of guard or the apparent lack of war machines in a 4000pt game.

Against skaven at that point level I would have looked at taking a couple magma cannons, shriekers and hellcannons to help knock the big blocks of rats down to size.

I’m not sure a prophet on taurus would be a great idea either, as skaven have a fair number of ways to neturalize him with shooting/magic/skitterleaping rockets and globes.

Time of Madness


how did the game go? well i totally obliterated him… he had a horde of plague monks w. furnace, 3 hordes of slaves, 3 blocks of stormvermin, 6 rat ogres and a metric crapton of warmachines, no wheel, no bell and no hpa. while my few wms killed a block each turn, his wms hit me once in the whole game… very bad luck on his side. i cast irresistible large breath of hatred first turn on all my units save the shriekers and id… in the end, after 4 rounds, i lost 7 infernals, 27 hobgobs, 2 shriekers and a lv1 smithie, so about 500 points, while he had the ogres, 2 wlcs and 3 jezzails left.

i had a similar outcome last week against brets, 3500 points, same list but without bbs and only one shrieker… practically lost a unit of infernals and 2 bcs, he had 2 units left - 3 pegasi and 20 archers.