[Archive] 40k Eldar army advice


I’m seeking advice on starting a small 40k eldar army…

Pretty much mainly for fun … Not really competitive gaming or anything like tha

I was going to start with the eldar battle force box

-10 guardians w/ support weapon

- 5 dire avengers

-vyper jetbike

-wave serpent

I was also going to get

- 5 rangers

-farseer w/ (3) warlocks

-6 striking scorpions

And maybe a Prince Yriel and/or harlequin and/nstead of scorpions

… Like I said it’s just mainly for fun … To have a 40k army . Maybe play for fun at my local hobby store since most of those guys play small <1000 pt games… I can do tht whole above list for a little over $200 and that’s about my budget

Any advice ,tips would be greatly appreciated…

Thanks and cheers mates


I guess what I’m askin is would that be a halfway decent starter army? I mean even though it’s for fun would I have any kind of chance of doing good?

What would be better scorpions or harlequins?

Does the farseer with warlocks count as 4 individual hq choices ?

How about Maugan Ra and Prince Yriel instead?

Hq: Maugan Ra

Prince Yriel

Elites: striking scorpion x6

Troop:guardians x10

Dire avengers x5

Rangers x5

Transport: wave serpent

Fast attack: vyper jetbike

How does that sound?


I’m lousy at 40k and any tactical advice from me should be disregarded. However, if there turns out to be too few Eldar players around here, you might then want to also try your luck at Cheeseseer.