[Archive] (40k) My Death Gaurd army highlights


Well on the account the hobby part isn’t anything but CD I figured I would just go off topic if I’m wrong move this then.

Anyway, this is some of my work for my Death Guard army.

I will post more when I got the time too. These pics normally are 5.92mb per pic and uploading is a pain. :mad



Horray for Death Guard! That first one looks cool, but we need to see more close ups of the other conversions please!


A Nurgle army…

Just had to scratch the itch, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea I had too make a Death Guard army cause I always wanted to for years now so I figured why not with the new codex yaknow?

anyway more pics.

Again I got more pics to get on photobucket. -.-

So I will update when I can.



Awesome work, but I’d like to see what ur gonna do with the termanators


They look great but bet they look better when paintedwhip cracksback to work slave:hat


Heh, thanks.

Another update! (greater pusbucket of doom!)

And I am painting them ALOT I just have issues of getting update pictures at this time. :~


Boo! I am still around I just been unable to post or any of that stuff at this time due to a job that is long hours, low pay, and hard hard work. :~

But still,

I should have some stuff to show you in the future cause at my job some guys are going to sell me a 600.00 cam for 139.99. O.o Plus 10% off. ^^ So I will beable to get back to posting more pictures again in the future!


Word of advice though, if you’re gonna post this many pics then put links to your photo bucket account rather than puting them in the actual post - it makes life much easier for the rest of us. Cheers