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Hi there mates :hat off

I’m in a looking for some put on stuff to some 40mm bases.

Any types are welcome:

Like the one from the plastic Chaos Marines Terminator Lord.

I hope you can help me.

Cheers :cheers


Are you asking for ie need to buy some bases or ate you brainstormin for ideas to out on said bases? Sorry, but the post is confusing to say to least.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Are you asking what uses 40mm bases or asking to buy some?


Oh sorry, I was sleepy when writing it I’ll try again.

I need something to put on some 40mm bases, something in style with that of the plastic Chaos Marines Terminator Lord


You mean for a scenic model base? With a guy standing on it? Not a stand-alone scenic thing?


Have you tried some Chaos Terminator Lords? Also, regular terminators? Chaos Terminators?

Just joshin.

Hmmm, big objective marker? Altar to Hashut? Big pot of boiling gobbo? A ball of squigs? An ale brewing vat? A gigantic hat (with scaffold to support it and a gobbo wearing it?) A mound of Great Taurus/Lammasu dung with a gobbo scooping it up?

I dunno, but a theme of what army or flavour you are looking for might help. Is it a deco piece for an army? A tabletop? Or just a fun model?


Ohh those are some great ideas thanks - I’ll take them with me, when I moddéling my next project :slight_smile:

Thanks all cheers :slight_smile:

caos dwrf:

how a boot a slave bein snackraficed (yay futeramma)