[Archive] 4k Dwarf Civil War


Fought a game earlier in the week, 4k LoA vs. 4k Dwarves!!

My friend and I had been building up to this game for quite some time, and we referred to this is the Dwarf Civil War.

My List went something like this:(am at work, so this is from memory…forgive me please.

Sorc. Prophet, lvl 4, talisman of preservation, enchanted shield, crown of command and blood of hashut.

BSB, shield, drahomhelm and (forgot the name of the mask of hashut armor +1 sv and 4+ ward)

they headed 38 infernal guard w/ great weapons (10x4 horde)

2x castellans w/ great weapons

they headed 28 infernal guard w/ great weapons(7x4)

iron daemon

2x skullcrackers, both hellbound

6 bull centaurs


2x magma cannons

K’Daii destroyer

that’s it. that was 4000 points!

The dwarf players felt as if he had ahorde army for the first time ever.

His list went something like

dwarf lord 2+/5++ on shield bearers, BSB with similar saves

they headed up 30 hammers (6x5 deep)

30 longbeards w/ great weapons (horde)

30 slayers (horde)

25 warriors, shields 5x5

25 slayers 5x5

20 thunderers

30 ironbreakers 5x6

2x 15 miners in reserve. champ has steamdrill

anvil of doom with runed up runelord

3 cannons

stone thrower (str 5, reroll scatter dice version)

From my right to left was the K’daii destroyer, skullcracker, 28 IG, skullckacker, sorc prophet unit of 38 ig, iron daemon and the BC on my left flank. my artillery was scattered behind my army to minimize losses from the miners when they arrived.

Dwarf turn 1

Dwarves went first. His BSB had the strollaz rune and he advanced his hammers 30 longbeard w/ great weapons and warrior block forward. then advanced another 6 inches for his first turn and was halfway across the board already!!

He took out one of my skullcrackers with his cannons, and killed 9 ig from my smaller unit with the stone thrower.

Thank Hashut that his anvil misfired while doing ancient power.

Chaos Dwarf turn 1

My first turn I positioned my Destroyer in front of his slayers. failed mt charge with the surviving skullcracker and small ig unit against his longbeard horde. advanced my general’s unit a little, and moved up my iron daemon to protect the flank of my horde. The bull centaurs on my left redeployed towards the right to strand the 25 slayers that were advancing on the dwarf right.

The magma cannons melted at least 20 dwarves between them, and my deathshriekers were duds against the cannons.

Dwarf turn 2

both miner units showed up, 1 behind my horde, the other to the right.

Longbeard horde charged my small unit of IG, the hammerers charged my IG horde (he rolled a 10 to charge them!) the slayers charged my Destroyer and the warriors charges my iron daemon. he damaged my remaining skullcrusher so that it was left with 1 wound (yay hellbound)

anvil was out of comission this round due to fail last round his stonethrower killed even more from the small IG unit.

combat. his general squard off with mine. I survived his general’s barrage by making my ward saves. I used the blood of hashut on his general, and caused 2 wounds on him.

The IG bested the hammerers in wounds by resulting in a tied combat. the slayers lost 12 due to blazing body and the massive damage inflicted by the destroyer, but the destroyer lost 3 wounds in return.

the longbeard horde beat the hell out of my IG, but they held strong due to being stubborn.

warriors caused 2 wounds on the iron daemon but lost 3 in return.

Chaos Dwarf turn 2

the surviving skullckacker charged the longbeards, the bull centaurs charges to support the iron daemon on my left.

I took out a cannon with my deathshriekers

I also killed 5 miners from each unit from the magma cannons.

combat, the bull centaurs had a bad round of combat, and beat the warriors by 1. the dwarfs held.

the sorc prophet caused the last wound on the dwarf general, massive casualties on each side, I lost combat, but held. it was clear that in a battle of attrition that I was going to win.

the skullcracker rolled snake eyes for impact hit and killed 2 dwarfs…yeah… once again I lost combat…but stubborn was my savior.

the destroyer killed more slayers, reducing their number to 9, but was killed in return.

Dwarf turn 3

miners rear charged my horde unit, and moved to flank my horde. Iron breakers moved to flank my bull centaurs if the won their combat.

Anvil was a dud again

1 cannon misfired and blew up, the other took out a deathshrieker.

The dwarf BSB died to my axes in the center, and the hammerers were reduced to less than 5. I lost combat again but was still stubborn.

The iron daemon combat was finally decided, and the bull centaurs ran down the warrriors, ending their pursuit 11 inches in front on 20 thunderers.

the skullcracker survived the dwarven attacks, and caused a massive 9 wounds to make them run. My surviving infernal guard from the combat failed to catch them.

Chaos Dwarf turn 3

the bull centaurs charged the thunderers, suffered no wounds from the stand and shoot reaction, and cut them down, pursuing into the stone thrower.

The magma cannons melted all but 1 dwarf from a miner unit.

the horde combat saw the elimination of the hammerers, and the IG turned around to face the surviving miners.

The reduced size infernal guard, numbering 7 plus 2 castellans charged the slayers, reducing each other’s numbers

dwarf turn 4

the longbeards rallied and due to the anvil, charged my infernal guard. I lost all but the last 2 castellans, but killed the last of the slayers in return. lost combat, and 1 castellan ran.

my horde unit killed off the last of the miners. I was down to 8 infernal guard plus my BSB and SC.

the 25 slayers on my left flank charged the iron daemon, and cut it down in one round. slayers are bad!!!

chaos dwarf turn 4.

bull centaurs turned to face the last cannon and anvil.

killed the last miner with a demolition round.

melted more slayers with a magma cannon, misfired with the other.

dwarf turn 5

he advanced his ironbreakers close to my general’s unit. the longbeards were out of position to do anything.

he took out a magma cannon with his cannon.

chaos dwaff turn 5

bull centaurs charged his last cannon, killed 2 crew, and the crew was stubborn! grrrrr

moved back a couple inches with my general’s unit.

killed some longbeard with artillery

dwarf turn 6

ironbreakers charged my general’s unit, I fled and got away

the last cannon crewman died.

anvil did something, but I don’t remember, because it didn’t hurt too bad.

chaos dwarf turn 6

bull centaurs charged the anvil, cause 2 wounds to the runelord, and he did not flee…uuugh

my general passed his rally test, SAVED!!!

Chaos Dwarf Win!

I won by about 640 points.

Dwarves are tough, even the ones not tainted by chaos. It was a great game. I wish I took some pictures, I will for our next game.


Fyi for your next game: the anvil cannot make a unit charge if it previously rallied on the same turn. And keep anything high toughness away from the slayers. Interesting report, thanks for posting it!


wow, great battle, I want see the pictures!!! heheh


great read, sounds like you had fun and ain’t it hard to remember details.