[Archive] 5 Marauders of Chaos


Hi all.

It has been awhile, but now we are back with something from the evil table of Warhammer parts :yar

And this time it is 5 Marauders of Chaos, converted by me - and soon will be painted by Vasquez. Well we hope you like them, any feedback it pleased as always :cheers

First we got a group-shot

Then from left to right

Kera foehunter:

Once again you always have cool stuff merchant!!

i like the bare chest over armor


Nice, but their heads seem very small for some reason…


Looks awesome - kinda like the step between marauder and warrior.


These are awesome!!! Khunag is right, the heads do seem a bit small, but I think that’s just cuz their pant-armour is so big.


Thanks all, but I guess another reason their heads looks small is their fur on their backs.

I might need some pictures of them from behind, later on.

Kera foehunter:

i think there head size are ok !! only the empier and elves have big heads lol


True, it might be the fact we’re just used to seeing those head on smaller bodies.


Well sounds about right :slight_smile: