[Archive] 500-Point Allies Lists

Ancient History:

Allied armies aren’t anything new in Warhammer, from the old General’s Compendium rules to the up-to-date rules published in White Dwarf 339. For the purposes of this thread, I’ve combined the two Ally Charts from both books to assume that Chaos Dwarfs are “Common” allies of the three Chaos armies, Orcs & Goblins, and the Ogre Kingdoms (who are Common with everybody anyway).

As a nod to the WD339 rules, I’m also including my vote for favored allied unit (some units of Common allies can be taken as “allied units” in your own army, paying out of your own points).

As always with allies and allied units, to be fielded as such you need your opponent’s permission. These lists are also themed to be appropriate for Chaos Dwarfs fiction-wise, you have been warned.

Daemons of Chaos

Whether the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers summon these daemonic allies from the Realm of Chaos or strike common cause with the daemonic armies that roam the skirts of these, Daemons of Chaos and their abilities make potent allies.

Favored Allied Unit: Chaos Furies. Cheap (for daemons), core unit fliers? Yes please.

490 point Daemons of Chaos Allies

100 points - Herald of Khorne (Army General)

120 points - 10 Bloodletters of Khorne

60 points - 5 Chaos Furies

210 points - 3 Bloodcrushers of Khorne

Alternately: A more mixed force might be better served to replace the Bloodcrushers with 6 Flamers of Tzeentch (210 points).

This small Khornate force is designed to supplement Chaos Dwarf forces with a (1) magic resistant infantry (Bloodletters, preferably with the Herald joining the unit), (2) cheap fliers, and (3) a small band of very heavy cavalry.

Orcs & Goblins

The Chaos Dwarfs don’t merely enslave the Greenskins, they trade with them, hire them as mercenaries, and strike up alliances with them as needs be.

Favored Allied Unit: Orc Boar Chariots. Chaos Dwarfs can take most of the non-silly Orc units, but are notoriously deficient in chariots.

499 point Orcs & Goblins Allies

124 points - Black Orc Big Boss (heavy armour, Ironback Boar, Army General)

80 points - 10 Savage Orc Boyz

65 points - 5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders

70 points - Goblin Rock Lobba

80 points - 2 Goblin Spear Chukkas (1 Orc Bully each)

80 points - Goblin Doom Diver Catapult

Alternately: Replace either the Spear Chukkas or Doom Diver Catapult (or both!) with an Orc Boar Chariot (80) for greater maneuverability.

This small but diverse force is designed to supplement Chaos Dwarf armies by being spread out through the ranks a bit - the Black Orc Big Boss can be fielded with the Spider Riders and then break out for a punishing charge, letting the poisonous light cavalry creepy-crawlies to work their way around a flank. The Gobbo artillery should be a welcome additional to any war machine battery, if only as a source of amusement. The Savage Orcs, meanwhile, can stiffen up Hobgoblin lines.

Ogre Kingdoms

Ogres trade with Chaos Dwarfs, and hire themselves out for their armies. Indeed, many a Tyrant has a magical gift crafted for them by the Dawi’Zharr.

Favored Allied Unit: Leadbelchers. Mobile artillery is outstanding.

496 point Ogre Kingdom Allies

142 points - Bruiser (Mastadon armour, brace of handguns, Army General)

114 points - 3 Bulls (light armour)

240 points - 4 Leadbelchers (Bellower, Thunderfist)

Alternately: Replace the Bruiser with a Butcher (Hellheart, 2 luck gnoblars) (140) to try out Gut Magic.

Ogre Kingdom armies are small, and basically work as elite units - the hammer to your Chaos Dwarfs’ anvil. The general objective is to soften up a unit with leadbelcher fire and then demolish them with a ferocious Bull Charge, led by the Bruiser in his Chaos Dwarf-fashioned armour. If this gives the Leadbelchers a chance to reload and repeat this tactic, great! Otherwise, they’ll have to go in and mix it up themselves.

Warriors of Chaos

While the Marauders of the Steppes sometimes trade with the Chaos Dwarfs, it is the Chaos champions who come to the Dawi’Zharr for magical arms and armour…which the Sons of Hashut will provide their allies and partners, for a price.

Favored Allied Unit: The Hellcannon. While another expensive rare choice, it is very pretty.

500 point Warriors of Chaos Allies

160 points - Exalted Hero (Chaos Runesword, Army General)

170 points - 10 Chaos Warriors (Great weapons)

170 points - 10 Chaos Warriors (Great weapons)

Alternately: Swap out the Chaos Runesword for the Chaos Runeshield (50) and the Chaos Warriors’ great weapons for shields (10 points each) for a shield-themed regiment.

This is a very small but elite infantry force, designed to spearhead assaults against the enemy line and break through - or hold the line until the slower Chaos Dwarf Warriors can bring their numbers to bear.