[Archive] 500 Point List


This is for the 1st two weeks of an escalation league:

1 Level 2 Sorc (General) 100pts

10 CDs w/GW and Full Command 140pts

10 CDs w/ Full Command 120pts

12 Hobgoblins w/LA,Shield and Full Command 78pts

2 Bolt Throwers 60pts

The limitations are 1 hero level character with no magic items.

It seems to me that the command options are a waste of points. Maybe I should drop all the commands from units and get more bolt throwers and/or increase the hobs to 20.


If possible, you should take out the command of the second unit and equip them with blunderbusses. If that’s not possible, I guess it’s an okay army list.


This list will be difficult against highly armored opponents–especially Bretonnians.

In my 500pt Escalation list I used roughly 33 hobbos, 27 CD warriors, most of the times a CD Hero (sometimes a Sorcerer), and a Death Rocket. (Edit: These models were broken up into units of course.)

Very easy to make out of the [[BFSP]] set. It’s good for escalation because it’s fairly solid, but gets boring after a few games. That’s when you expand and buy [[Bull Centaurs]] and an [[Earthshaker]]. :slight_smile:


Command on Hobgob units is overpriced. Your units are too small in general.

I’d probably switch the sorcerer for a plain hero and use the points for another Hobgob unit with plenty of ranks to give you a little bonus in combat.


I played my 1st 500 pt battle against O&G last night.

My list (edited after comments): I am keeping the bolt thrower and magic to deal with the heavy armored or hard to kill things such as giants and knights.��Does this seem like too much reliance on shooting?

100 1 Level 2 Sorcerer

130 10 Warriors Blunderbuss, Music

130 10 Warriors GW, HW, Shld, Champ, StndB

110 20 Hobgoblins, HW, LA, Shld, FC

30 1 Bolt Thrower


1 Hero on boar with hw & shield

10 Warriors with hw & shield, FC

~30 NG ShortBow

2 Snotlings

1 Giant

The fight went well for me.��I was able to shoot at the giant for 3 turns with the bolt thrower, and one with magic which knocked him down to 1 wound by the time he charged into melee with my hobs.��My next turn I was able to charge my GW CDs into him and finish him off.��I destroyed the snotlings, half the goblins, and a few of the orcs with magic (blunderbusses +magic knocked them down to just 3 models by the time they charged the BBs).��In the last turn I was also able to snipe the orc general with fireblast which killed him.��All I lost were 3 hobs to the giant, 3 GW CDs to goblin shooting, and all of my BBS CDs which were run down by the orcs and the orc hero in the last turn (they lasted in melee for 4 combats)