[Archive] 500 pt campain starting army [Will update as events warrent.]


Righty then perhaps i had best expleain myself, here goes.

My local G.W is running a Warhammer campagin, starting at 500pts and increaseing as i gain territory [It’s on the mighty Empires board you see] i start with two armys and can gain more troops via carious means.

I was wondering that with the collective knowledge shared here, if some help would be plausable on my meager attempt to shine the light of Glorious Hashut upon myself.

Army List follows.


Level 2 Sorceror With the armour of the Furnace.

145 Points.

13 Blunderbuss Chaos Dwarfs with Full command.

186 Points.

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers.

60 Points.

Earthshaker Cannon.

110 Points.

Thank you for reading through, I would ask for critisism and comments on this.

Advice would be useful for me, i also do not recall wether Sorcerors can take magic armour, if not then perhaps you could name an alternative, if not i will probably just take a dispell scroll and another Chaos Dwarf with Blunderbuss.

Thank you and Praise the Lord of Darkness.


I like the list, especially for smaller games.  But, as I understand it, the Armor of the Furnace carries no special caveat that allows spell-casters to don it, so it would have to go.  Unless, of course, there is some errata I’ve missed.

On the bright side, a dispel scroll is never a bad investment when you face multiple foes, and that extra CD Blunderbubba will give you the third rank needed for that max Str benefit (assuming this is where you place your Sorcerer).

Good luck in the campaign. Please keep us informed of your progress.



Thank you, the changes shall be made, and yes the soceror does go in the unit of Blunderbusses, who would gain the extra strngth from his presence regardless, as they would have a rank of 4 on the back.

But that aside, the change will make no significant impact on my army, as the sorceror will attain a look out sir roll as opposed to armour save. [I dont not intend for the enemy to charge you see.]


There is no longer the restriction on spellcasters and armour. But they still can’t take magic armour if they can’t take normal armour. And there aren’t many that can.


Don’t you need another core choice?

Calvary and missile troops have a big impact in low point games.

Maybe some hob calvary?

A rare choice in a 500 pt game is kind of cheesy.


and ineffective… scatter weapons are next to useless at such a small point value…


The ES sucks in 500pts it’s true ; but it’s nearly the same thing with BBs because in 500pts the enemy units won’t be 20 models strong…

Same idea for the BTs.

To me, you can change your BBs for CDW,

and add some orc/hob bows (terrifics in small scale),

and one or two big packs of nakked hobbos (25 models for 50pts).


My experience tells me that one lvl 2 sorceror won’t have that much impact, for a 500 point game it is better to field a tough hero that will win combats for you.

My 500 point list is:

Hero, Armour of Gazrakh, Great Weapon

19 Warriors, Champion, Standard

10 Hobgoblin Wolfriders, Light Armour, Shields, Musician

22 Hobgoblins

1 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

499 pts


i like this list…


i would agree with holyfields list, seems pretty good for 500pts, although i always take 2 hand weapons on my hero for the extra attack.


I like the list in general.
Problem though.
Sorcerer cant have the armour as sorcerers cannot take any equipment. Note the equipment section on the list under lords and heroes.
I would add more assault to your army, as I think quick moving elves or well made chaos armies will tear it up. Maybe take Bull Centaurs instead of the cannon you know.