[Archive] 500 pts Border Patrol list

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

While I’m a Skaven player at heart, the one other army that has always had my interest have been the Chaos Dwarves. Now at this moment I have some old Dwarf plastic for a while and thinking that I might be able to do something different with them, I’ve decided to try and build myself a CD force.

Now I’m starting off small and have come up with the following list:

Chaos Dwarf Hero w. Armour of Gazrakh, Great Weapon @ 94 pts

16 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w. Heavy Armour, Shield, Great Axe, Standard Bearer, Musician @ 196 pts

10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w. Blunderbuss, Musician @ 130 pts

1 Death Rocket @ 80 pts

Total: 500 pts

Models: 30

The idea is fairly straight-forward, namely to let my opponent come to me. Once they’re close enough my infantry unit (with the hero) will charge out and hopefully finish them off in combat.

Any tips/ hints for this beginner are highly appreciated. :wink:



Perhaps switch the death rocket for 2 bolt throwers and some hobbos?

Thommy H:

Yeah, remember that you can get lots of dirt cheap troops in the form of hobgoblins. In a small game, you can potentially field a lot more models than your opponent.


Well, it boils down to what units you have available. If those are the only models at your disposal, then yeah, for 500 points that’s pretty good.

However, if you can afford, and indeed have, hobgoblins on you, then by all means go for them as well.

I’d take a unit of 20 hobgoblin archers. They’re dirt cheap and they can rain down some serious firepower in a small game, which can seriously turn the tide. Also, hobgoblin bolt throwers would be good as well if you can get them.

However, if all you have is dwarves, then you are pretty good for a 500 point game. Just hope you don’t get swarmed by cheaper units.

Lepreh Khan:

Well, as a Skaven player you no doubt know the value of slaves… you could easily use your Skaven slaves to represent Hobgoblin slaves (I’m sure you could find a pretty good fluff reason for it).

So on that note I agree with everybody else. Drop the Death Rocket for 2 Hobgoblin bolt throwers and 10 slaves, or 1 BT and 2 groups of slaves (1 10 man, 1 15 man). I prefer the first.


Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

whistles… Quite a while since I’ve been here. :o

Unfortunately at this moment, my hobby projects are going at a bit of a (really) slow pace due to a bit of a loss of interest, not to mention a six-day working week that simply makes it hard to sit down and do some work on it. Still, it is on my list and I’ve got all the time in the world to finish this, so I’m not in a hurry.

I’m considering hobgoblins, though it will most likely end up as a mixture between gnoblars and the new goblins. With some converting (as in: trying not to cut my own fingers off, while I’m attempting to throw some models through one another in order to get some different things), I might be able to come up with a reasonable alternative for hobgoblin models… So, I guess that in the end, hobgoblins aren’t going to be a big problem.

Just out of curiosity, are the Dwarf models from Confrontation reasonable models to use as CD?


Uzkul Werit:

I’m not big on the Great Axes. The Warrior unit is your only fighty unit and if they die due to a 5+AS, that’s your game plan down the toilet. Best always use them turtled up. Take the Great Axe points and dump them into the Blunderbuss unit - they need another rank for that S5.


in a small game, you might want to split your big fightly unit into two units. Also remenber that you need ranks of five not 4.

Uzkul Werit:

Blunderbussmen only need ranks of four for that extra Strength bonus though. Handy eh?


Yes thats quite handy in a tight spot.