[Archive] 500 pts Dawi Zharr


Alright, so I’ve gotten back into the swing of things, got an order of green stuff on the way and even picked up an oop big hat to become my combat characters once he arrives… but first things first, 500 pts games.

My gaming group and I usually run 500 point games because of time, and with the models I have, some advice and ideas would be lovely.

2 x Sorcerers

12 warriors with hand weapons

10 warriors with great weapons

1 scratch built death rocket with crew


I have two models still needing attention that can be placed in the great weapons if needed, but with the limited number I have I run this list.

Lvl 2 Sorcerers x 2

10 warriors

10 warriors with great weapons

Death rocket

which totals up to about 491 pts

This really isn’t much of anything, and really doesn’t have much staying power as I would like. I’ve played three games with this list, won two against high elves and lost one to Dwarfs. I want to keep it almost 100 % Dawi Zharr, minus hobbo bolt throwers.

Any ideas and directions I should be thinking about going?


It all depends on how high you want to go with the points if your sticking to 500 pts drop the death rocket and the great weapons from the unit of warriors and try and get a earth shaker in the list, it is just like a death rocket but has the added bonus of and model in 2d6 moves at half speed and cannot shoot, then i would put the two units of warriors together to make a good sized unit of 20 and maybe change one of the wizards for a hero to give them leadership 10


I have an oop plastic Chaos dwarf warrior in the mail from GB on the way which I will be painting up as my hero choice, which I plan to swap out for one of my sorcerers as you have pointed out. LD 10 is always a bonus!

Ive found my self a little love for the Death Rocket but am more than willing to swap it out for an Earth Shaker once I convert or posses the model, I will proxy it in on the next game or two and test it, and so far my range calculations aren’t bad either.

I just got a unit of 10 blorcs today that i’m going to be converting up (actually bloodletters) when the green stuff arrives either this weekend or monday they shall have beautiful beards, scale mail and maybe even big hats after I finish off the other dwarf models.

So one steadfast unit of 20 with hand weapons would be you way to go? I will give it a try and see how I like them


Looking good so far, I personally like great weapons but they are not essential if you what to have enough points for a earthshaker. One thing you need to look out for is the percentage limits especially in small armies, right now with two lvl 2 Sorcerers you are over the 25% hero limit.

What law do you usually give your Sorcerers?


Well considering I don’t have the new rules as of now, or for the matter my gaming group, we still run the sixth edition rules right now. We mutually didn’t find 7th satisfying although it cleared up some rules issues on its own.

I usually run fire and shadow. Usually I switch shadow to death or metal depending on which of my buddies I am playing against if it will add a little extra punch or fun to the table.