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Hi all, firstly many thanks for the warm welcome,I’ve signed up at a few other sites and this is by far the best of the bunch, but I suppose that seeing CDs are the coolest army their supporters would have to be cool too.

My army to date consists of

lord on taurus
sorcerer on lammasu

2 lords on foot
3 sorcerers on foot
4 special figures
35 plastic CDs
25 metal CDs
16 CD crossbow men
39 CD blunderbusses

105 hobgob axes
25 hobgob bows
18 hobgob wolfboys

25 sneaky gits
25 black orcs
40 goblin spears
40 orc choppas
3 hobgob bolt throwers
5 death rockets
2 CD bazookas

2 earth shakers
1 hellcannon
18 bull centaurs
+ a small box of " extras"

I also have most of the monsters from that era

Sorry if I have misled anyone thinking they were all CDs Figures

They are all GW figures from the 90s,I have the White Dwarf presents codex and bought figures from it. They are in various conditions of paint at this stage.I’ve had a bad year,my left hand now has little to no feeling in it ,so painting is hard. I also chopped the top off a couple of fingers on my right hand with a mower 2 months back. When I recover I’ll get back to the painting and send in the work in progress pics.

In an attempt to catch up on 20 odd years of Warhammer I also have most of the rule books, background books etc, 7000pts. of orcs and gobins, 4000pts. of dwarfs, 8000pts of dogs of war, 2000pts of undead, 1500pts. of empire,1500 pts. of ogres, some tomb kings and kislev. I also have 1500pts of 40k orks.

This lot should keep me entertained for a few years seeing I can’t work at present,anyway enough of my tale of woe,
again, a million thanks for all your support,regards Todd Blackwell (dragoncrag)

May Hashut’s:hashut: supporters one day rule the Warhammer World

Thommy H:

105 hobgob axes


thats huge…

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105 hobgob axes

Thommy H
Heh at 2 points each thou! ;)


Nice list there! :cheers:

Thommy H:

105 hobgob axes

Thommy H
Heh at 2 points each thou! ;)

Who cares how many points they are?! Just think of them on the table in front of you!

You know, when I was writing the new version of RH I considered making naked hobbos illegal since one hundred models for 200 pts is pretty blatantly broken.


Sounds epic - have you got any pictures of this horde?

@ Thommy - I thought the RH project was purely sartorial?


I am working on two big blocks of 36 naked hobgoblins using a slightly modified xanders method (gumble… …taking me forever… grumble) and there are no unit filers planned. I threat these units like zombies (cheap zombies) and keep therm near the general.

In my view warhammer is about economy of forces and concentrated retaliation.

Thommy H:

@ Thommy - I thought the RH project was purely sartorial
It is. That's why I didn't do it.