[Archive] 500pt vs bretonnian


Hello there!

I have a lil game tomorrow and wondered if you would mine examining my list.

Hero 60

leading 12 Chaos Dwarfs 108

13 Chaos Dwarfs 117

11 Hob goblins with bows 50

Earth shaker 110

I opted for no cmd’s in favour of ranks of 4 x 3 and one at the back

The plan is for a couple of lucky hits on the cavelry and optimistic bowmen kills.

:hat A cunning plan? What are your thoughts?


Hi there

not sure what your opponent will be using but i imagine at lest 1 lance of 6 knights and maybe 2 - they are really going to hurt your small warrior blocks. I would therefore suggest 1 large unit of warriors a bolt thrower or 2 and drop the hero and take a level 2 mage with lore of metal - the default spell is fantastic against heavy cavalry and many of the other spells are good against them as well


Wouldn’t the Blessing of the Lady of the Lake or whatever bork-up the Earthshaker’s chance of firing? I haven’t really read a Bretonnian battle report since 5th or 6th, so I don’t know.


Don’t you have to have a min of 2 chaos dwarf units? should I scrap the hob goblins in favour of larger units?

Border Reiver:

You need to give the hero some equipment - right now he’s in his arming robe and wondering why he doesn’t have any equipment.

As a Bret player, I can tell you that you will be at a disadvantage mobility wise.

Rather than have bow armed hobbos, I’d get a couple of small units of naked hobgoblins (20 point bait and more importantly redirecting units are invaluable).

My build at 500 pts, knowing that I was facing Brets would be:

CD Hero - armour of gazrakh and a great weapon - 94 pts

19 CD Warriors - 171 pts

15 CD Warriors - 126 pts

10 Hobgoblins - 20 pts

10 Hobgoblins - 20 pts

2 bolt throwers - 60 pts

Leaving you 9 points to spend as you will.

Knights hit like a ton of bricks, so you will likely need to have make rank bonus to ensure that you drag the knights into the war of attrition that they are unlikely to win. At 500 pts, I would likely bring nothing but knights, at least 3 lances of 6 KOTR, fully kitted out with command and would then fill out the rest of my points with skirmishing bowmen and or some mounted yeomen to flank you.

The Hobgoblins are there to redirect the charging knights so that you can hit the beggars in the flank.


A Earthshaker cannot be used in 500 pts, its a rare choice… Otherwise, its very good!

(I’d replace the hero with a Bull Centuar hero, to combat there calvarey!)


A Earthshaker cannot be used in 500 pts, its a rare choice... Otherwise, its very good!  

(I'd replace the hero with a Bull Centuar hero, to combat there calvarey!)

yes it can, less than 2000 points is 1 rare choice

Alan the evil:

Because of their high armor save I’d like to play with 2 bolt throwers and a sorcerer with lore of metal (rule of the burning iron could easily kill his heros and champions). Eartshaker could be good for gain one extra turn for shooting… but it’s hard to find points for everything.

Hobbos are a must for redirect enemy charge


the amount of kills bolt throwers do depends if they can go through ranks (e.g. you can only kill the guy in the second rank if you kill the guy in the first) and since bretonians have a 5+ ward save it might be better to use the eartshaker as earthshaker hits are independent from one another.

Also, against the earthshaker the bretonian ward save will only be 6+ (except the central hit that will be 5+)


As a half speed bretonnian unit is still faster than you, I’d drop the earthshaker and go Death Rocket instead. A list I would run would look like:

1 Death Rocket

2 Bolt Thrower

1 Level 2 Wizard (lore of metal)

10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

10 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

10 Hobgoblins

10 Hobgoblins

10 Hobgoblins

10 Hobgoblins

You won’t be able to really drag units down with you because any bretonnian player worth his weight in bees will charge your single units with two or more units of knights. If you like Mathhammer, you can do out the numbers (two units of six knights, one flag between them, is almost the same as a fully stocked unit of 25 chaos dwarf warriors, and averages a win even if they charge your frontage)

I like the idea of making him run all over the board to kill my tiny, worthless units while my artillery shells his face off. When they close in on the artillery itself, you can throw hobgoblins in the way to eat charges and direct the knights off the board.

At 500 points Bretonnian armies are pretty unbalanced, but speaking as a player of both, I think this is really your best bet.

Alan the evil:

It’s sure that. in 500 pt armylist you must use magic or shooting to stop Bretonnians mainly because you have not enough points to spend on decent infantry that colud stand on Bretonnians cavalry charge…

Death rocket could be a good choice to save up points…


Thanks very much guys.

The result was a brettonian win though. The problem is you can have a good strategy but if the dice dont like you…

I had 2 x 15 basic units of CD warriors

2 x 10 units of hob gobs

1 Bull centaur gen

1 bt

The hob gobs drew out the knights (9!) and I flanked with CD, but with 2+saves for the knights and abismle bt to hit roles it went down the lav.