[Archive] 500pts list


i have already posted my 1000pts list, but as this is the army i will be using until my 1000pts are ready i just wanted to get your opinions:


General-Chaos Dwarf Hero- Armour of Gazrakh, Great Weapon-94pts


13 Chaos Dwarf Warriors- Full command-147pts*

10 Blunderbusses-Full Command-150pts*

25 Hobgoblins-Full Command-80pts*

10 hobgoblins-20pts



*I know these are some things that a lot of people might disagree with but they are things i cannot change because those are the models i have :~

also does anyone have any suggested tactics for this army?

Lepreh Khan:

If you’re going to put a command on the Hobgoblins, you had better protect your investment. Give them Light armor and shields.
Alternately, you could drop the command alltogether and have 2 groups of 15 hobgoblins (60 points) and then you have enough for a Hobgoblin Hero with a Great weapon & Heavy armor. That’s what I would do if I was low on models.

-Lepreh Khan

Uzkul Werit:

The Full Command seems wasted on a naked Hobgoblin unit. I’d advise trashing it and using the points for three more Chaos Dwarf Warriors. Or add both Hobgoblin units together, with the left other points for a few more models in the unit.