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The following lines, I’ve founded on warseer.com.

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The starter set features the Ultramarines vs Orks

Well, as the new 40k Starter set (due out in Oct. according to Harry) has been confirmed by several sources not to revolve around the Battle for Rynn’s World or the Crimson Fists, I thought it might be good to regather all the current rumors on the box set.

UPDATE: Chiaroscuros recently received an email containing this summary:

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According to Games Workshop USA Sales Representative Mark Koscielniak, the new Warhammer 40K 5th Edition Starter Boxed Set will include a �?oCrap-Ton of miniatures�?�.

The new boxed starter, due out in September of this year, will include the popular �?omini-rulebook�?�, dice, measuring sticks and the proverbial French �?oCrap-Ton�?� of miniatures including:

1�?" Space Marine Commander (full sprue)

1�?" Space Marine Tactical Squad

1�?" Space Marine Terminator Squad

1�?" Space Marine Dreadnought


The set will ALSO include:

1�?" Ork Warboss

2�?" Ork Boyz Mobs

1�?" Ork Nob Mob

3�?" Death Koptas

The retail price on this tremendous deal will be a ridiculously low $59.99! A quick analysis of the retail value of this set is valued at a cool $262 bucks, and that�?Ts not even counting the retail value of the 3 Death Koptas, the �?omini-rulebook�?�, or the dice!

The new 5th Edition starter will be called �?oBattle for Black Reach�?�.

The regular hard cover 5th Edition rulebook is due out in July, with a retail price of $49.99.

Quick but appreciative thanks to Brimstone, Harry, Danny76, and others who have confirmed the presence of the above units in the box and offered the following info:

The Space Marines have molded Ultramarine iconography.

The Dreadnought is apparently a two part model equipped with a multimelta.



There are also further rumors of still “more stuff” in the starter box including some sort of terrain (perhaps CoD-esque buildings) and the possible addition of a Landspeeder for the Ultramarines along with another possible unit for the Orks. There were orginally rumors pointing to the appearence of Grots in the box but more recent info points away from their inclusion.

And while there were rumors of a possible laser or light pointer capable of displaying a little crosshair coming with the box, but no one has confirmed it.

Concerning the precieved imbalance of the forces:

Originally Posted by Brimstone

…the starter box is not designed to give you two exact balanced 40K armies. It’s there to give you a starter force and teach the fundamentals of 40K.

Also The Dude and shaso_iceborn have offered info about the weapon load outs of the various units:

New Captain mini in power armor with power sword and bolter. He’s got hair and a bionic eye.

5 Termies, Sgt with power weapon and other 4 with powerfist. No census on presence of heavy weapon.

10 Marines with Sgt with chainsword and bolt pistol, 7 with bolters, a flamer, and a rocket launcher

(alexh commented in another thread that some of the SM’s have crusader style helmets)

Dreadnought with multimelta and dread ccw

Large Ork Warboss with powerclaw and twin shoota

Boys are 20 Slugga Boyz with big shootas

5 Nobs with 2 claws and all combi shootas

3 Deff koptas have twin shootas

And as always feel free to take all info with a shake of salt.

Ok, that was it. What you think about? Oh yeah damn cool dreadnought!

Pyro Stick:

All the models will probably be single piece models (apart from the dreadnought like you said) and thats why its so cheap. But if its $60 in the usa i bet it will be $80/£40 here in the uk. But i dont collect SM or orcs so i dont really care.


Pretty sweet deal actually. Though I´m still waiting for the arrival of Dark Eldar, which are rumoured not to be far off from the release of the 5th edition.


That is an amazing deal. I am going to buy at least 2 of them.


sounds pretty good, probably about equal to what you get in BFSP. although really its only 16 man sized miniatures and a dread for the marines. and 26 orks arent really that much. and deff kopta’s are bound to be crap. it will be useful for marine players who want to get into gorkamorka though, as you can probably make most of a mob out of that (shame no vehicles!)

they will probably all be 1 piece models, and i suppose ultramarine molding will help them make ultramarines popular again. i just hope they arent as bad as the 2nd edition sprues.

Knight Of Awsome:

Thats a really good idea, makes me want to buy one which i may to play a game with my friend, space marines vs orks " The most green battle ever". and for $60 too…:o


hm yep, sounds cool. it will probably be like the bfsp-box, lots of minis made of one or two parts and look ungly as shit, compared with an “original” mini.

unfortunatly i don’t like 40k, so who want to build a Chaos Squat army with Space Orc slaves?


hm yep, sounds cool. it will probably be like the bfsp-box, lots of minis made of one or two parts and look ungly as shit, compared with an "original" mini.
unfortunatly i don't like 40k, so who want to build a Chaos Squat army with Space Orc slaves?

chaos squats yes . . .

. . . .but shouldnt it be hobgretchins?


I’d buy it for the marines, then convert the orks into industrial orc slaves for my CDs


chaos squats yes . . .
. . . .but shouldnt it be hobgretchins?

whatever you want, but there are orcs in the box, no gretchins ^^.
let's see how the minis in the box look like but i think, it wouldn't be easy to convert the marines, because the probably will be made of two or three parts.


Here are the newest(and the fuzzliest) pics of the starter box!

Rhino is not included…

what is included?:

10 SM
5 Terminators
1 Cybot


1 Boss
10 Boyz
10 Nobboyz
3 Killa Cobtatz


Terrain and the rulebook.

Whole box for 40 pounds.

More (damn fluzzly !) pictures.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

In the following picture just the orcs behind the white fuzzly line pertain to the box.

Pic 4


What is terreign piece A exactly? When I first saw it I thought it was another unit


Considering how little 40 quid will get you in this hobby, this seems a remarkable…borderline unbelievable product from GW.

I remember the first thing from GW i bought was the 40k boxed game for i think about 50pound. 20 monopose goths, 20odd monopose marines, 40 monopose gretchin and cardboard cutouts of dreads/killa kans.

Even if the terminators are all monopose (except serg.), they are also plastic and easily converted/reposed. From what i can make out from the blurry photos, seems like an even better deal than bfsp


(Much) better pictures!

@AGPO: Idk how the terrain looks like…

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

that dreadnought looks cool


i think they look good. There is some evidence of the flatness of the miniatures (like the BFSP dwarfs) but the poses help disguise this.

The ork warlord i imagine has a separate shooting arm to position and the claw arm should be able to be bent around with a bit of force to make it look less like he’s giving directions. Sepatate slugga arms for the orks as well by the looks of it. There also seems to be 2 different styles/options for the death koptas.

The marines seem onepiece but with separate hands/boltgun with a flamer option. Dreadnought looks good as does the commander. Overall, good job, both should assimilate easier into pre-existing ranges.


Are you sure that’s not scouts in the third picture?


Are you sure that's not scouts in the third picture?

Scouts? IDK. But I don't think that the box contains scouts. Why should it? Why should I take some scouts? SM are much better..


Anyhow, i really don’t think that they are terrain. Maybey ist’s scouts, maybey not.


So are there any pics of the Nobs, terminators and SM Commander anywhere?