[Archive] [6-9-2009] Mosk's Chaos Dwarf Army (Chaos Dwarf Greens on page 2)


Hello all. Just a little backstory of me. I started playing warhammer and 40K (then soon after warmachine since release) back in 1998. I got into the idea of chaos dwarves back in 2006 put have been putting it off. Now I am ready to start up.

First off, I am going to make a unit of twenty four warriors, with a chaos dwarf hero.

Following or during this time I will make 10 blunderbuss.

Some buddies and I are doing a little campaign where we will build up slowly and play a game once a week. We need 500 points by june first so I will start converting tomorrow and get some pics up hopefully by sunday.

So for now here is my check list:

0/1 CD hero

0/10 blunderbuss

0/25 CD warriors

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Today I have ordered in the following and hopefully will be receiving them shortly:

12 BFSP dwarf warriors

20 BFSP night goblins with hand weapons and shields.

I already have the troll slayer (or is it a deamon slayer or what ever), thane, and 10 blunderbuss… well 9, the other one kinda got chewed up by my dog. I also have a ton of the maurder arms.

Anyways I am on my way to getting my army on the table.

Kera foehunter:

heck with the army !!! let your dog battle for you !!

Well good luck with the quest mosk!!


sounds extremely organised :stuck_out_tongue: :hat off. yeah good luck mosk. am looking forward to seeing what you bring to the forum!

Braki Flamebeard:

Can’t wait to see what you make, any plans for them so far?


I am currently trying to figure out a way to make cool looking hats/masks…

I thought that I would never (nunca nada) have big hats in my army, so I am not… I want hats, big hats sure, but not too tall. I really dont like the way the thumb tack hats look…

I want to make them not the obvious characteristics of the models, so we will see. If all else fails, my CDs will look like the one in my avatar, which I made like a year ago. (also note that the one in my avatar is not complete.)

I am think of slightly emulating the look of Centauro Enano hero’s hat, only a little shorter.

If anyone has any ideas of what they think will look cool just let me know :slight_smile:


Ok so this is a non picture update as I don’t have mch to update. This week I have finals so when that’s done I will have a lot of time. I figred out how I am doing my dwarf heads… I am doing hats and masks. But the hats look more like helms becase they are not tall hats. I have one dwarf abot half complete and thirty five cut up dwarves waiting for green stuff.

Also in abot thirty mins I scratch built 1 bolt thrower. I will be making 3 more, a death rocket, and an earth shaker in the next feew weeks.

Stay posted to see pics . They be up by friday so ya keep an eye out.

I also jst ordered some wolf riders… I will explain how my army will set up in my next post.


Im sorry to say, but a blog without photos just aint that intressting. So if you want serious feedback on this, get that camera working… :wink:


I am totally aware of this man. So basically no one wants to check this out until I pdate this with the date pdated in title too.

Kera foehunter:

it ok !! mosk * hug * i know your pain i too still don’t have a camera


From the depths of the east comes my first (almost) complete bit of my Hobgoblin mercs that will be in assistance to my Chaos Dwarfs. This is my Bolt Thrower, based of of Bassmans tutorial. I really dont like how it came out, but it was an experiment, my next ones will be better. This is still a WIP, and not completed even in construction. but here is an actual picture update.

My next ones I build will be better put together and I will use better super glue as the shtuff I used sucks.

This is made from old sprues (more specifically this was the Eldar flacon sprue…), popsicle sticks, and copper wire. I plan on painting the popsicle stick parts in a brownish almost black wood color, and the sprues will be painted to appear as rusted metal. Oh I used a tooth pick for the bolt.

I will be painting a crudely painted on Rune of Hashut on the front wooden armour part of the Bolt Thrower, probably in red. It has to be crudely painted because it is a greenskin painting the rune…

So open for any comments, on anything, just ya…

Next update you will probably see my finished bolt thrower, and another bolt thrower (non painted as I am low on paint) and hopefully my first Chaos Dwarf Warrior.

In the Next week or so you will see a WIP group of 15-20 hobgobbos w/ hand weapons, 10-25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, and 2 Finished (not painted though) Bolt Throwers.


You said that the next one will be better but this is alreasy good! It looks like crude but effective, a real Greenskin work, I like it a lot! Especially the wooden shield in front of it! Perfect (like you said) for freehand!

Braki Flamebeard:

I agree, this is good work! I always enjoy scratch built models. Thats the kind of bolt thrower a hobgob can hide behind if things get a bit too rough :slight_smile:


So first off there are several updates (pics will be up in abot 12 hours)

1. I built my second bolt thrower.

2. I now have 9 grudge ponies from the BFSP set, can anyone say bll centaurs?

3 and my reason for most excitment here: a local gaming store jst closed down and had 50% off liqidation sale. Now I saw a bunch of army battalions, then I came acrossed somethjing amazing. Battalians are 90 bucks USD, the dwarf box was labeled at 50 bucks and the store was having a 50% off, so 32 warriors, 16 thunderers/quorralers, and cannon/ organ gun for 25USD… Yep I am happy.

Kera foehunter:

nice !! great job i like how you use plain old stuff to build it


Here is a new update, pics of my two bolt throwers.


good start they look ramshackle as that is how hobgoblins would build them.


I’m happy to see my tutorial is useful :hat

I like your bolt throwers style, they really look like a work of an hobgoblin (no offense, its a compliment :wink: ).

I’d just use plasticard, if it is possible and add rivits and joints. These two touches really help to make them better.

Keep with your job, I like it :hat off


off to a good start, bloggy and all. The pics do help.

Those bolt throwers look quite effective. Well suited to the hobgobs that man them. One suggestion would be to use smaller “planks” of wood to stretch across as sheilding. But thats prolly a more personal view. Adding some pegs/stakes/rivits as mentioned will help those machines pop when painted, which you may have had plans for…

looking forward to seeing more of your of creative cd works.

Kera foehunter:

i like to see the crew ! are they comming soon Mosk