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With the winter olympics now safely out of the way, and the soccer world cup a thankfully distant blip on the horizon, its time to focus on this year’s most important sporting event - the Six Nations Championship! :smiley: Yes everyone’s favourite festival of xenophobia and rugby is at about the half way point and I for one am excited!

Now since our boys in green delivered a healthy hiding to the English, the Welsh can’t seem to play for more than 10 mins (maybe they should try the NFL ;P) it seems there’s only France and Ireland left in it. Who’s your money on? To my mind France are in the best position, with only Italy and England to come. Ireland will have to thrash either Scotland or Wales and hope England can do us a favour against les Bleus at Twickenham. Come on guys after Cromwell, the famine and the last 800 years, its not a lot to ask is it? :cheers


I’ll pick Ireland because I know nothing of rugby and I have Irish in my ancestry. :smiley:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Grab ye’r gun! It’s WW3 - er, I mean World Cup Soccer! :smiley:

Why do you guys kill yourselves over this?

Canadian/American Hockey is so much more peacefull!


I don�?Tt know allot about rugby but i am going to be patriotic and back my home country England


Said there is no hope for my Italy (we won a match!!! :smiley: )… come on Ireland. Who cannot support a country that produces beer and music? :slight_smile:


Scotland is the best!!!

Where are they? :mad


Rhazzouth - at the bottom of the table having lost every game so far and with no mathmatical chance of winning.


Oh my good :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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the unheard one:

Long live the Irish:hat off

home of the best beer and music:cheers