[Archive] 6th/7th edition dwarf army


my brother is selling his dwarf army, and i figured i would post it here as well as other places.��most of it is primed black, some of it is painted(poorly, but easily stripped).��most of it is the old 6th ed. models with a box or two of the new style models.��retail comes to around 700 dollars, he is hoping to get around 350-400 for it.��most models are also on GF9 bases.�here is what he has:

56 Warriors/Crossbowmen

17 Warriors/Longbeards

20 Thunderers

1 Stone Thrower

20 Ironbreakers

10 Hammerers

2 Bolt Throwers

2 Cannons

2 Organ Guns

1 Flame Cannon

1 Gyrocopter

1 Goblin Hewer

10 Miners

10 Slayers

1 Lord

1 Thane

1 Lord w/ Shield Bearers

1 Runesmith

1 RuneLord w/ Anvil

1 Engineer

he is also willing to sell them off peicemeal if he cant get an offer for the whole thing. included is the old and new books, as well as all of the leftover bitz on the sprues. sorry, no pics available.


Maybe try Bugman’s Brewery and Bartertown. :cheers

Good luck to you.