[Archive] 750 for escalation


ok, starting an escalation league, here is my initial 750 point list, to take on ogres, dwarves, night goblins, and lizardmen:

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer: Level 2, Power Stone-125

Chaos Dwarf Hero: Heavy Armor, Great Weapon-68

19 Chaos Dwarves: Command-201

14 Chaos Dwarves: Blunderbusses-168

10 Hobgoblins: wolves, Musician-120

2 Bolt Throwers-60


10 Arrer Boyz

the arrer boyz because i have the models will not be normal orc boyz, just arrer boyz.

what do you think?


i would say go for the bolt throwers, they can do more dammage and can take multi wound creatures down in 1 shot, 10 archers imho will be a little to weak

im assuming the ngs will have fanatics??, how about 2 units of 5 wolf boys to release them on the first turn giving you more time


the orc boyz on the other hand give me a decent flanking unit with choppas.

the NG have no fanatics to strat with, but im sure they will come 1000+ points.

also, i do not have the O&G book, but do nets really work on a 2+?

and hobgobs need to be taken in 10 man units, or id break the 10 man into 2 5ers.

Servant of Chaos:

@ Broomstick You can’t take two units of five wolfboys. Our minimum unit six for them is 10.

@ malificant Definatly the bolt throwers. They will do much better against those races than arrer boys. Otherwise very solid list. Good luck!


drop the hero for 34 hobgobs, you need more men, and when you fight those night gobs put them in units of 10 the throw them at the enemy to get rid of them fanatics.

wtf no fanatics?! whats the point in using ng’s without fanatics,


well, first he doesnt own any, he just is starting off with the skull pass box.

and im not using infantry hobgoblins in my master 2250 list, and id like to stick to that. 2x 15 BB, 1x 25 hw/s, 1x 10 BC, ES, DR, 4 BT, 2x 10 hobgoblin wolfboyz, and heros.


The Bts will be useful against ogres maybe lizards unless skinky but many skaven and dwarf artillery probably lean me towards orcs with choppas ,however animosity makes it BTs for me :hat


here is a quick rundown of what everybody will have possibly have:

Lizards: 2x 15-18 saurus, 5x 10-12 skinks, 2 kroxigors(for now), 1 salimander, saurus heros on foot, skink priests. at 2k + he has a slaan and some temple gaurd for sure.

dwarves: 2x 20-25 warriors/longbeards, 2x 12-24 miners, 2 cannons, flame cannon, 3x 10 thunderers, thanes and slayer characters. 2k + he may have an anvil

ogres: 6-12 bulls, 4-8 iron guts, 4-8 lead belchers. at 2k+ he is considering 2 slave giants, a tyrant and 2 butchers, maybe a hunter.

Goblins: 2-4 x 20 night goblins w/ spears, 1-2 x 20 night goblins w/ bows, 1-2 x 10 spider riders, 2 trolls, goblin heros and shamans on foot. eventually will get fanatics, possibly squigs and war machines.

this is what they for sure will have, and obviously is more than 750 points. its all what they have at their disposal.


@ Broomstick You can't take two units of five wolfboys. Our minimum unit six for them is 10.

Servant of Chaos
my bad, thinking goblin armies, lol, must remember to read the list about hobgobs and not stop at the cd warriors...mmmmm axes....