[Archive] 8,000 point siege game


For those who may be interested (you know who you are) these are some pictures of a siege game my CD played (teamed up with Greenskins and mortal Chaos) versus Empire (defending the walls) and a High Elf flanking force.

piccies here

Ghrask Dragh:


I like the base on your Lammasu.


You even had a war mammoth in there, always nice to see.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

the worst place to be… in that castle :slight_smile:


Very cool seeing those armies there, all nicely painted.

Who won then?


In a nutshell, the evil side did (CD + mortal Chaos + Greenskins).

The High Elf flanking force got utterly slaughtered by the mortal Chaos on the right flank. The greenskins in the centre took a bit of a beating, but my CD on the left flank breached the wall and poured through the gap (about 150 CD warriors poured through the gap, to be precise). My flyers (the Lammasu and Taurus) also did well, killing his artillery in the towers and also the Empire general (although my CD Lord on the Taurus got killed in the process).

Kera foehunter:

great job wallacer but if there where dwarfs dug in the fort it would of been a fight.

can’t trust human and elves to put up a fight.


i love the mammoths :slight_smile: