[Archive] 8000 pt madness (CD, DoC, and WoC)


So apparently one of the teens in my youth group wanted to throw everything that he has at me in one colossal battle. He collects Orcs and Brettonians and suggested that we make allied teams at the 8000pt level. I decided to make an all-chaos team with most of the models that I have (very little proxying-- mainly for the earthshakers, since I’m also using a hell cannon). Here’s the list, yo.

4300 pts Warriors of Chaos

Kholek Suneater (605pts)

lvl 4 Sorcerer Lord w/ Infernal Puppet

Battle Standard Bearer w/ Chaos Runeshield

24 Warriors of Nurgle w/ shields, full command and Banner of Swiftness (949pts)

Throgg the Troll King

6 Chaos Trolls (445pts)

Wulfrik the Wanderer

20 Chaos Marauders of Nurgle w/ flails, light armor, shield, and full command (375pts)

Exalted Hero on Juggernaut with Axe of Khorne

5 Chaos Knights of Khorne w/full command (500pts)

5 Marauder Horseman w/ full command, light armor, and throwing axes (120pts)

4 Dragon Ogres w/Great Weapons (308pts)

5 Chaos Hounds x2 (60pts)

10 Chosen of Nurgle w/Great Weapons and full command (280pts)

Hellcannon (205pts)

Chaos Giant of Nurgle (265pts)

2 Chaos Spawn of Nurgle (170pts)

1850 pts Chaos Dwarfs (RH)

Chaos Dwarf Lord on Great Taurus w/Ogre Blade and Armor of the Furnace (438pts)

lvl 1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/ full command and Blunderbusses (383pts)

lvl 1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

30 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/full command (365pts)

40 Hobgoblins w/full command (110pts)

40 Hobgoblins w/full command (110pts)

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers (60pts)

2 Death Rockets (160pts)

2 Earthshakers (220pts)

1850 pts Daemons of Chaos

Skulltaker on Juggernaut

6 Bloodcrushers w/ Standard Bearer and Blood Reaper (660pts)

10 Bloodletters of Khorne w/ full command

30 Pink Horrors w/ full command, Banner of Change, and Changeling (463pts)

5 Flesh Hounds w/ Karanak (215pts)

10 Seekers of Slaanesh w/ full command (270pts)

3 Screamers (90pts)

Altogether this is just shy of 8000 pts. We’re going to roll either 4 or 6 die each turn for the Winds of magic due to the hugeness of this, and I have to wait for the new Daemon models to come in, so we’ll probably duke this out at the beginning of September some time (probably over the course of a couple nights…). Lemme know what you think! :cheers


Drool drool… very nice. Any chance of getting a battle report, maybe with pics, when all is said and done?

BTW - Crush the foul Greenskins!! Enslave the ones that can be broken. Slaughter the rest and feed their bodies as fuel to the Hellcannons!