[Archive] 8th Edition chaos dwarf battlereports [16/6/29 vs. O&G)]


In this thread I plan to give it a try and write unregularly some  battle reports with photographs. I hope next battle will be on wednesday, so stay tuned :wink:

Table of Contents

Battle against Orcs 6/15 2500 pts. posts #5,6

Battle against High Elves 11/6/15 2500 pts posts #14+

Battle against Vanilla Dwarfs 2/7/15 2500 pts.


Great! You making a new thread, with a post #1 without any content - that is like a binding contract. Looking forward to reading some more battle reports.


Aha! “Like a binding contract”

Would soon be “A binding contract”

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Ok, I see I delivered you a opportunity to put some pressure on me ;).

I`ll make an addition in the thread title :cheers.


This is my planned list for the upcoming game against orcs.

Its a local league game with tournament restrictions (German Combat, international version can be pdf downloaded here: http://www.tabletopwelt.de/index.php?/topic/146498-combat-81/). <br><br>edit: <br>Ok, battles over, you can read it one post down.

My changed list was:

General, lvl 4 hashut, bale taurus, black hammer, preservation, enchanted sh.

DS lvl 1 fire, charmed shield, scroll

BSB, Great Weapon, Armor of Bazherak the Cruel, Dawnstone

Hobgoblin Khan on Wolf

27 Infernal Guard, Great W., full command, flame banner

20 Hobgoblins, Bows, Musician

23 Hobgoblins, Shields, Musician, Standard

2 Death Shrieker

1 Iron Demon

1 k`daii Destroyer

His list was (as far as I remember):

Black Orc General, Armor with 4+ ward save, Great Obsidian (MR 3)

Savage Orc BSB, Great Weapon

Lvl 4 Savage Orc Shaman, Head to enhance savage orc ward save to 5+, preservation

lvl 2 night goblin shaman, scroll

lvl 2 night goblin shaman

goblin hero on wolf, flame ward

37 savage orc elite, full command

37 savage orc

about 30 night goblins with 2 fanatics

about 45 night goblins

1 Troll

1 Troll

2 Chain Squigs

1 Stone thrower

2 goblin suicide catapults (kamikatas)

The run of the battle begins in the next post.



We first alternated in placing terrain pieces. He chose to part the battlefield through placing of the 2 houses.
I won sides and chose the side with the hill in the corner from where my death shriekers had open shots.

I had the fireball on the lvl1 and Signature Spell, Curse of Hashut, Burning Wrath and Ashstorm on the prophet which was definitely ok.

He had the array of the usual orc spells.

war machines distributed at the edge, 2 savage orc blocks in the middle of the open field, flanked by one nightgoblin mob. All orc chars at the stronger savage orcs, nightgoblin shamans distributed.
chain squigs and trolls at his left flank.

chaos dwarfs:
war machines at hill. Hobgoblins vis a vis with the strong orc bus (delay them), IG behind them, ID and Destroyer on the right flank for repositioning or engaging the softer orc block. General on bale in good middle position.

Orcs won first turn:

All orcs advanced, trolls stupid (placed out of generals range), chain squigs moved behind cover of the buildings forward.
magic phase 10 energy dice (5 and 5). Goblin shaman put damage to the hobgoblin archers (6 gone), Orc shaman put an enhancement spell on himself.
2 war machines did no damage, 1 catapult killed 4 further hobgoblins.

Chaos dwarfs:
Hobgoblin Khan placed to redirect softer orc mob. Destroyer and iron demon in position to attack. General in casting range for ashstorm on the strong orc mob.
Magic phase 8 or 9 dice. “Only” hatred on the destroyer :-).
Rockets hit the strong mob, 4 savage orcs killed, other double misfire (but luckily only this round shooting gone). Iron demon killed 1 savage orc.


2nd Turn:
Destroyer managed toughness test. 2 savage orc blocks squabbled and both couldnt move (bad luck for the orcs and probably decicive for furher turns). So he moved only little with the rest, only the chain squigs moved fast forward and were already in a good position. trolls one stupid, other blocked by own troops.<br>Magic: the shaman invoked the power of mork and gork and vanished in a nuclear blast. He took away the main part of the little goblin unit and vanished in the 10th dimension. The spell reduced movement of the hobgoblin archers by 1.<br>War machines not very effective but killed about half of the shielded hobgoblins. stone thrower hit Kdaii but no wound (rolled 1).

Chaos dwarfs:
Attack! Destroyer and Iron Demon in the softer orc mob (about 33 now). Khan moved sideways to delay hard orc block. General slightly forward for various charging options.
Magic: hatred on the infernal guard, curse on the shaman but no effect (4 rolled - 5 toughness: 0 hits).
War machine: One shrieker killed further savage orcs. Other missed stonethrower (again). Archers killed two savage orcs (hell yeah!).
Melee: Devastating damage on the orc mob. Impact hits, blazing fire, 9 destroyer attacks with hatred-rerolls: About half of the block gone, but steadfast).


orcs turn 3

Orcs moved forward a little bit, didnt want to charge the khan. Only the enhancement spell on the Orc shaman (Fists of...) got through, which was banned before. Especially an attempt to kill the Khan was not successful.<br>shooting was not relevant. Misfire destroyed one of the suicide catapults.<br>Only 9 orcs left of the fighting savage orc mob.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/battles/DSCF3948_zpsnnqtjjkv.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/battles/DSCF3948_zpsnnqtjjkv.jpg"></a><br><br><strong>chaos dwarfs turn 3</strong><br><br>General on bale charged the softer orc mob in addition to the destroyer and iron demon which was too much for them. All orcs dead and the Generals mount overran (shown in pic). Iron demon 4 life left, Destroyer 5 life left.<br>Not much shooting damage again and magic resulted in a further breath of hatred on the General and his mount and (!) a 2d6 fireball against the small goblins and terminated these (fanatics were not triggered and now lost).<br>The Khan moved away from the orc character bus and sacrificed himself in a heroic move against the red painted chain squigs (squig and khan destroyed).<br>hobgoblins moved forward to block the 10wide orc char bus and the remaining night goblin block.<br><br><a href="http://s1307.photobucket.com/user/TheHoodedMan/media/battles/DSCF3949_zpsv9izga8h.jpg.html"><img src="http://i1307.photobucket.com/albums/s583/TheHoodedMan/battles/DSCF3949_zpsv9izga8h.jpg"></a><br><br>-----------------------------------------------------------<br><br><strong>orcs turn 4</strong><br><br>Now the orcs hit back. The night goblins and orc char bus charged the two hobgoblin units. The chain squig moved through destroyer and general on bale and did 2 points of damage to the Kdaii and 3 to the taurus (rider unharmed). One of the trolls was positioned in the flank of the destroyer to prevent him turn.
Magic was not relevant and shooting did no damage to the destroyer.
In close combat the savage orcs destroyed the hobgoblin archers and overran into the other combat nightgoblins/shield hobgoblins. The shield hobgoblins were destroyed. The savage orcs reformed in direction of the destroyer, the nightgoblins overran into the infernal guard hoping to tarpit them.

chaos dwarfs turn 4

Bale taurus moved into position near the remaining savage orcs char bus. Iron demon moved a few inches forward for a shooting position on the chain squig. Destroyer was delayed by the troll in the flank and had to march forward then turn and come back.
Magic: Fireball killed one troll.
Shooting: The breath weapon of the bale was devastating and killed lots of savage orcs. Iron demon shot the chain squig down.
Close combat goblins against infernal guard: shaman and 10 goblins and 1 infernal guard down, goblins steadfast.


Orcs turn 5 and End of the game

The remaining char bus attacks the destroyer in a desperate attempt to gain some points. Magic and shooting without a relevant effect.
The orc char bus manages to kill the destroyer through combat resolution (Waagh!) and instability.
The Infernal guard beats the night goblin block which isn`t steadfast anymore and flees. The infernal guard mow them down and get in charging position against the remaining orcs.

After that Tom tried successfully to save some points and distributed his chars between the two buildings. We played 6 turns, no time limit.

orc general, Battle standard, shaman and 2 war machines survived (5 models, but more than 800 pts, at last Tom had a little bit of luck in saving his chars).
On chaos dwarf side all hobgoblins and the destroyer were killed.

1670:621,5 for the chaos dwarfs (which means a 16:4 in the 20 points which are distributed in each game).

A high win with some luck at the dice for me. Always a good time with the orc player Tom, a very nice guy and good sportsman.


Some thoughts:
My plan was to bring the the iron demon to stop his savage orc block and the Bale taurus to catch his chariots and war machines.
Tom crossed my plans with bringing two orc blocks and I had to adjust and I had luck with the dice.
Next time I`ll bring two or three khans for redirecting, triggering of fanatics and killing the highly dangerous chain squigs!
Feedback welcome.


Nicely done on the report. So is Tom your opponent again next wednesday?


Thanks, no, we played three games now, roughly 4 or 5 months apart, our usual league games, 2500 pts now, 8 players. In the league we play two games against each other, one at home and one on the road :slight_smile: with possibility to switch armies for all 2nd round games. I finished the first round on 4th place and stayed with CD for the next 7 games.
Other armies are Toms Orcs, High Elves, Wood Elves, Dwarfs, Ogres, Lizardmen and Bretonnians. The best players til now are the High Elf (avg. 16.0 points/game) and Bretonnian (avg. 14.5 points/game). Myself averages at 11.0 pts a game at the moment and I try to improve this :-).<br>Next wednesday Ill play an informal game :slight_smile: against a guy I dont know yet, he probably will bring high elves. Ill report from that if there`s time.

I will try to better format the above report, but there will be no editing or symbols/arrows in the pics, too much work then.


Good report and congratulations on the victory, also I must say that it is really nice to see two nicely painted armies in a battle report. When is your game versus the Bretonnians?


Thank you. The bretonnians are scheduled in game 4 or 5, next league game is against dwarfs (Im afraid they will not be completely painted, their player is a notorious lazy painter), probably beginning of July. <br>But high elves, ogres and lizardmen are definitely completely painted, Brets I dont know but I hope so :wink: (he played first round with Empire).

I hope we will play all games after the publishing of 9th edition.



you put me under real pressure now, to fully paint my Lizards. :slight_smile:

It’s not that they are not painted but i still need to complete the work at the bases. Also i have some work with washes left. But now you gave me the opportunity to complete my work on my Lizards. Thanks for that. :wink: Can’t wait for our match. Oh and again congratulation for the victory against Tom. I’ll try to give you a hard time against my Lizardmen. See you soon.

Greetings J.


Hi Galka, great you checked the thread and made an account:cheers.


Today is a battle planned against an High Elf player. I adjusted the above list a little bit as I dont know him yet (I saved some points and got them in a 2nd Khan on Wolf to have an additional redirector, I really like the ID and the Armor of Bazherak/Dawnstone Combo on the BSB, kinda feels a little bit safer against some damage spells on my main block).<br><br>General, lvl 4 hashut, bale taurus, preservation, enchanted sh., scepter of stability<br>DS lvl 1 fire,&nbsp;&nbsp;scroll<br>BSB, Great Weapon, Armor of Bazherak the Cruel, Dawnstone<br>2 x Hobgoblin Khan on Wolf<br> <br>25 Infernal Guard, Great W., full command, no magic banner<br>21 Hobgoblins, Bows, Musician<br>20 Hobgoblins, Shields, Musician<br> <br>2 Death Shrieker<br>1 Iron Demon<br>1 kdaii Destroyer

The High Elf player Martin lives nearby and that is our first match:

He brought the following troops (completely very good painted I`ve to say):

1 General on flame phoenix (sword +3 attacks, potion of strength, enchanted shield, ward save due to phoenix)
1 sorcerer lvl  2 (scroll, charmed shield, IRONCURSE ICON, dragon armor) on sun dragon
1 frost phoenix
20 phoenix guard s,m
over 20 sword masters, s,m, world dragon banner
2 x 5 light cavalry, spears
2 x 10 silver helms, s, m

The list seemed not highly competitive and was a little bit unusual without any musicians and BSB, but he placed a good midfield rank at the last tournament with it a few weeks before.

We played with the same tournament restrictions as my game before (Combat: http://www.tabletopwelt.de/index.php?/topic/146498-combat-81/)

He had two fire spells:
The blades and the flame aura.

My son rolled good for me: Ashstorm and 3 times 5 and I took Curse, Burning Wrath and Breath of Hatred and as usual the fireball for the lvl 1.



Martin placed the terrain pieces, he had brought some terrain of his own. Myself won side choice and I choose the side with one open quarter of the battle field that I could shoot a little bit with my rockets (he had no shooting).

He deployed wide and hid his monsters behind hills and buildings and out of range of the war machines.

Chaos Dwarfs had first turn.

Turn 6 and end of the game:

CD General countercharges dragon rider and together with infernal guard manages to kill mount and rider as well as rest of swordmasters.

Demonsmith miscasts and dies by sorcerers curse. <br>High Elf general on flame phoenix destroys second rocket launcher.<br><br>CD: General on Taurus, Infernal guard and BSB alive. <br>High Elves: General on phoenix, some light cavalry, some phoenix guard and 1 silver helms alive, about 1500:1200 for the CD.<br><br>A nice game and a very fair opponent who didnt save points at the end but gave me a chance to recover what actually happened at the end.


Thanks again, for another interesting report.


Thanks. I made some additions in important details and tried to clarify some things better.

Now that I count again I think we played 7 turns altogether ;).

Nota bene:

Normally I don`t play the Bale Taurus, but the general on him was the game winner two times. The breath weapon is devastating.

The monster itself is no match for an elf lord on a dragon but can help in lots of other fights. The flying ability makes the lore of Hashut much better because you can move into position.

Two Khans are great.


Thanks for another great report. Good that your army is seeing some battle. I miss playing some Warhammer, it’s been months. So this is very nice, get a fix this way.

Seems like the forum in general is suffering from “come on already 9th” fatigue.


Thanks for another great report. Good that your army is seeing some battle. I miss playing some Warhammer, it's been months. So this is very nice, get a fix this way.

Seems like the forum in general is suffering from "come on already 9th" fatigue.

Thank you. My impression is the same, that many people are less active at the moment. 9th casts it shadows already and summertime is rushing in. I`ll try to make a painting pledge for July, some models are already prepared ;-) to prevent myself from getting tired.


Thanks. I made some additions in important details and tried to clarify some things better.
Now that I count again I think we played 7 turns altogether ;).

Nota bene:
Normally I don`t play the Bale Taurus, but the general on him was the game winner two times. The breath weapon is devastating.
The monster itself is no match for an elf lord on a dragon but can help in lots of other fights. The flying ability makes the lore of Hashut much better because you can move into position.

Two Khans are great.

And the Prophet on Bale Taurus is so much cooler than the Princeling on Phoenix!

Regarding updating the look of the post, writing big battle reports takes a lot of time. So make sure to post them more than one place (mine are also posted on a Danish forum and Mantic Forum). Perhaps share with your opponent. Have I played against HE he shares it on Ulthuan, against VC he shares on Carpe Noctem. So I always have some links leading back to CDO in the post. I just copy the entire phpbb text into notepad and share the .txt with them. So they can make a nice post themselves.

Marking the turns in bold is a great thing. A nice big and bold headline works good. Perhaps with a smaller headline underneath 2400 pts vs High Elves - Battle of Fliers.

Make sure to change the topic name of the post so it's not just "RE: de belle nani mali..." because google will pick up on the headlines and subjects. Might as well help yourself to be picked up when people search the web for battle  reports.

The (hr) with instead of () is great.

fluff written in italic or some feelings throughout the text.

Or some small texts descriping what's happening in the pictures. Like this 1st pictures showing up when searching google for "picture".

Nice overview pictures are great for following the battle. But with beautifully painted miniatures, deserves some close up pictures. Like a bale eating a phoenix.

Hope it helps.

:hat off