[Archive] 9th Age 2,500 Points Infernal Dwarfs (12.0) vs Warriors of the Dark Gods (11.0)

Grimbold Blackhammer:

The new rules are out so it is time to test them out!

Infernal Dwarfs

Overlord (General) - Onyx Hammer, Icon of Lugar, Vial of Mercury

Visier (Battle Standard Bearer) - Flintlock Axe, Sprout of Rebirth

Magus (Level 1 of Fire) - Dispel Scroll

Magus (Level 2 of Forge) - Meshiluk’s Mechanism

18 Infernal Warriors with Blunderbusses and Full Command

29 Citadel Guard with Flintlock Axes, Full Command, and the Flaming Standard

29 Disciples of Lugar with Full Command and the Holy Icon

6 Kadim Incarnates

1 Volcano Cannon with a Bound Daemon

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

1 Gunnery Team

Warriors of the Dark Gods

Sorcerer Lord of Change (Level 4 of Change) - Disk of Change, Dagger of Change, Dispel Scroll, Hardened Shield, Talisman of Greater Shielding

Harbinger of Chaos of Change (Battle Standard Bearer) - Daemonic Steed, Halberd, Soul Feeder, Talisman of Supreme Shielding

5 Warhounds

5 Warhounds

1 Wasteland Chariot of Lust with Barding

1 Wasteland Chariot of Lust with Barding

49 Barbarians of Wrath with Full Command and Great Weaopns

7 Wasteland Knights of Change with Full Command and the Banner of Alternate Realities

5 Wasteland Trolls with Additional Hand Weapons

1 Blood Beast

1 Battle Shrine of Lust

3 Crusher Knights

The Infernal Dwarfs won the roll to choose deployment zones and deployed a Bolt Thrower on the hill.  Wanting to risk facing as little shooting as possible, the Warriors of the Dark Gods deployed their entire army.  This enabled the Infernal Dwarfs to dictate the flow of combat by weighting a flank away from the enemy fast units.

Turn 1

Warriors of the Dark Gods

The horns sounded the battle had begun and the enemy began crossing the field.  The fastest elements of the army slowed mid way across the field to allow themselves easy charges next turn while forcing the Dwarfs to risk long charges.  Wasteland Trolls fail their Stupidity test so the army General made sure to not move more than 12" away.

The Magic Phase was filled with 10 Power Dice vs 7 Dispel Dice.  The Battle Shrine throws forth a Wave of Transformation dealing 3 wounds to the Kadim Incarnates.  The Sorcerer Lord also throws a Wave of Transformation and kills the Gunnery Team occupying the tower.

Infernal Dwarfs

Unafraid of the incoming hoard, the Disciples of Lugar Charge needing a 10 - and make it!  The Kadim Incarnates fail to restrain themselves and charge the Crusher Knights, a decision which made the Overlord General scowl, and the other units shift slightly.  The two Magus’ are ordered to the Citadel Guard to provide a firebase of support.

In the Magic Phase, 4 Power Dice prove superior to 3 Dispel Dice and Choking Ash is cast upon the Wasteland Knights (making them Flammable as well).

The Citadel Guard shoot the Sorcerer Lord and do 1 wound to him, the bolt throwers manage to put a single wound on Chariot 2, and the Volcano Cannon kills 3 dogs though the chariot behind them is unharmed.

In combat the Overlord General activates the Icon of Lugar and challenges and the WotDG Battle Standard Bearer to single combat.  The BSB does 1 wound to the Overlord though the Overlord is unable to breach the BSB’s armour.  The Wasteland Knights do 1 wound to the Disciples who kill 6 Knights in return.  The remaining knight and BSB attempt to flee but are chased down, the Dwarfs even running so far as to reach  the Battle Shrine.  The Crusher Knights fare better putting  5 wounds to the Kadim Incarnates and take 2 wounds in return.  The Incarnates crumble for 4 more.

Thanks to some stellar ward saves, the Disciples of Lugar crushed the knights which is one big headache solved.  But my General only has a single wound left and my Incarnates are about to get snuffed out.  Not a terrible turn but…

Turn 2

Warriors of the Dark Gods

The two chariots charge the Volcano Cannon and the Warhounds charge a Bolt Thrower but three all fail.  The Trolls wake up and flank the Disciples of Lugar in an attempt to save the War Shrine.  The massive horde of Barbarians ask how the Blunderbuss rules work and promptly start moving backwards.

The Magic Phase is nullified thanks to the Infernal Dwarfs using their Dispel Scroll.

In the Combat Phase the Infernal Dwarf General smashes the Battle Shrine to kindling and the Disciples of Lugar inflict 8 wounds on the Wasteland Tolls.  In return the Trolls smash 2 Dwarfs and step on 1 more.   But the trolls cannot stand against such fury, break, and get away.  On the other side of the field, the Crusher Knights inflict 3 more wounds on the Kadim Incarnates who then die allowing the knights to reform.

Infernal Dwarfs

The Disciples of Lugar charge the Trolls who cannot flee far enough and destroy them, then reform to face the Barbarian horde.  The Volcano Cannon charges the Warhounds which flee in Terror.  The Cannon redirects into one of the chariots trying for an extra long charge but falls far short.  The Infernal Warriors advance to try to test out their Blunderbusses and the bolt throwers retreat from the hill to avoid getting charged by the chariots.

The winds of magic yeilds 6 Power Dice vs 5 Dispel Dice.  Shield of Dark Fire is cast on Citadel Guard and the Magus chooses the Blood Beast to be Flammable.

The Citadel Guard decide they do indeed wish to have Flaming Attacks from their banner and put 3 wounds on the Blood Beast with their guns.

The Volcano Cannon should be able to grind out those chariots and the Disciples should be able to grind out those Barbarians.  I wish I had something to take care of those Crusher Knights!

Turn 3

Warriors of the Dark Gods

Both Wasteland Chariots charge the Volcano Cannon while the Warhounds on the east continue to flee.  The other unit of Warhounds have had enough and run off the board.  Barbarians do a swift reform and back up even further.

With a PD 7  DD 5 advantage, the Sorcerer Lord casts Wave of Transformation on the Citadel Guard killing 3 and also casts Inevitable Betrayal  on Citadel Guard.

In combat the Wasteland Chariots do an impressive 13 Impact Hits to the Volcano Cannon, destroy it, and over  run through its mangled corpse!

Infernal Dwarfs

The Infernal Warriors triple-march straight towards the Barbarians while the Disciples of Lugar move on to more threatening targets.

In the magic phase, the winds of magic blow PD 6  DD 4.  A Fireball on the Blood Beast does no damage and Choking Ash is cast on the Crusher Knights irresistibly putting a wound on the Magus and killing 4 Citadel Guard but also makes the Crusher Knights Flammable.

Finally in range, the Infernal Warriors blunderbuss the Barbarians and inflict 40 wounds!  The Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers inflict a single wound on the Blood Beast.  And the Citadel Guard inflict 1 more wound on the Crusher Knights killing one model.  A few bullets rang off of friendly helmets earning a few scowls throughout the unit but no Dawi were harmed despite the Inevitable Betrayal spell.

Those stupid chariots ate my Volcano cannon!!  There goes that side of the table.  I’m thinning out his units well enough.  Heck, even the Hobgoblins are hitting even though they can’t do more than a single wound at a time grumble  But a bit of luck on either side and this game could swing one way or another pretty fast.

Turn 4

Warriors of the Dark Gods

The Crusher Knights charge the Citadel Guard who decide to go down swinging and perform a Stand and Shoot.  The Citadel Guard kill one of their own thanks to the Inevitable Betrayal spell and kill one more Crusher Knight model leaving a lone model against the Citadel Guard unit in close combat.  With nothing left to lose, the Barbarians charge the Infernal Warriors and the last unit of Warhounds flee off the board.

Magic is a close PD 6  DD 5 spread but the Sorcerer Lord starts makes the most of it destroying one Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower with Blue Fire and also casting Inevitable Confusion on the Citadel Guard again.

In combat, the Infernal Warriors kill 4 Barbarians who kill one Dawi in return.  The few remaining Barbarians break and are run down by the Infernal Warriors.  The Crusher Knight accepts a challenge from the Citadel Guard champion.  The Infernal Citadel Champion is rightly butchered, the Crusher Knight flees, and gets away because the Citadel Guard choose to reform and face the enemy General instead of pursuing.

Infernal Dwarfs

The battle is winding down and the enemy is too far away to engage so there is little movement.

The magic phase is a close PD 6  DD 5 spread.  The Fire Magus casts a Fireball at the Sorcerer Lord but as expected it does no damage.  The Forge Magus casts Shield of Dark Fire on the Citadel Guard and makes the enemy General Flammable.

In his last bid for glory, the remaining Hobbo bolt thrower shoots and puts 1 more wound on the previously wounded chariot bringing it down to 1 wound.  And the Citadel Guard shoot put a 2nd wound on the enemy General.

His army is in tatters and is too far away to chase!  And he’s hiding his units behind the hill.  That was supposed to be my hill darnit!!

Turn 5

Warriors of the Dark Gods

The unwounded Chariot charges into the last bolt thrower destroying it, the Crusher Knight Champion rallies, and the Sorcerer Lord feels slightly vulnerable and hides behind the tower.  And the remaining army moves behind the hill to conserve his points.

Infernal Dwarfs

The Citadel Guard perform a swift reform to face the  last Crusher Knight and the Disciples of Lugar fail a charge against that same knight.

Magic and shooting put a combined 1 single wound on the last Crusher Knight.

Turn 6

Warriors of the Dark Gods

The routed army withdraws to the far corner of the field.

It ended as a 1792 to 1100 point victory for the Infernal Dwarfs.  

-  The Overlord is definitely a one-hit wonder because he should have died in the challenge but made a 5+ ward save twice.  I like his build but it has a very serious weakness which I actually like for balance purposes.  

-  Despite having small splits in the magic phase, both of us successfully cast a lot of spell because neither of us could dispel anything at all.  I like the Path of Fire but it just does not synergize well with these units.  I may try the Path of Alchemy next time.  

-  Maybe it was just bad luck but the huge investment of binding a demon into my Volcano Cannon was a waste.  I love the potential modeling opportunity it offers but on the table I didn’t like the way it worked very much.  

-  This was also my first run with the Disciples of Lugar.  They performed well but that’s mostly because I got to choose their matchups.  Volcanic Embrace didn’t do a single stink’n wound all game.  Bah!  

Overall though, version 12.0 is a really fun army book.  I’m already looking forward to my next battle!


Thanks for posting this! Good read, and my first introduction to 9th Age.

Glimpse the Void:

Thanks for this, I’m looking forward to giving 9th a try.


Very good, thank you :hat off

In my games the volcano+bound demon only performed well 1 of 3 times. But if one flaming shot hits it already pays out.

Holy Icon on the disciples: I think they can`t field a magical Standard, can they?
(edit: You said you deployed a bolt thrower on a hill, then your Opponent deployed all. Did you deploy the other bt and the gun team as well? All war machines have to be deployed at one time).