[Archive] a 500 point warband

the trooper:

hey fellow dawi zarr,

I made a list:-hero with heavy armor/shield:70 pnts

-15 warriors with shields:135 pnts

-15 bunderbusses:180 pnts

-10hobgoblins:30 pnts

-death rocket

Unfortunaly these models are the only models of chaos dwarfs i got now and i wont proxy.

So is this list crap ,can i make it better and how?

Thommy H:

If it’s all you have and you won’t proxy (good man) then you don’t have much choice, do you?

Maybe drop a warrior or two so you can give your hero a magic weapon and put him in the unit so they still rank up nicely?

It’s just a basic list, really. Nothing fancy, but nothing really bad either.

Lepreh Khan:

It’s not a bad list at all.

Only thing that you really need to do is give your hero a Great weapon or a Magic Weapon. When I ran a hero with only a hand weapon, he was having a tough time taking on Chaos Warrior Champions in a challenge… something he should have been able to do.

If you wanted your list to improve, then I would pick up 2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers (they’re quite easy to convert) to replace the Death Rocket. Then you’d have 20 more points to spend.

Also, you’re spending 10 extra points on hobgoblins than they’re worth (unless you gave them something else that you didn’t list).



I agree with the changes Lepreh Khan has suggested. Pretty good overall.


Why are the hobbos 3pts apiece?


similar delusions perhaps…

Thommy H:

They probably have shields that the OP forgot to mention.