[Archive] A casting question


Okay, I’m looking to GS cast a couple of areas on some of my models, to use for some scratch sculpst I’m doing. Trouble is the models in question are already painted. I’ve done plenty of GS casting before, my question is will it damage the paint jobs, and are there any procautions I should take? Thanks, to rebuy the models would cost me £16 and I don’t really want to pay that.


I honestly don’t know if it would damage the paintwork, I’ve never tried that, but what I would suggest is making sure the models are varnished, then apply sufficient lubricant (vasolene, oil or something similar). Wipe off the excess before adding the GS as it gets really messy otherwise. :wink:


Thanks for the tip Grim. I don’t normally varnish my models as I can’t use spray cans where I live and I don’t like the finish gloss varnish gives. Is GW’s matt varnish any good for stopping things catching the light in that way?

Hashut’s Blessing:

To be honest, varnish shouldn;t be necessary. unless the GS actually dried to the model, there’d be no risk of paint coming off. As Grim has said, use a lubricant of some kind and it’ll be fine.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I imagine you shouldn’t try it on any area where a transfer has been applied. This might actually come off. Apart from that, I don’t think there are any risks of damaging the model.