[Archive] A Chaos Dwarfy Whip



Not mentioning how cool these guys are, check out that sweet whip! I am constantly looking for parts to make a Slaver that matches the guy at the top of this page. :wink:


The Slaver:

sweet! those helmets could make nice masks too, but the whip really is perfect.


What are they exactly? Those skull masks are just what I’ve been looking for for my Nurgle warriors.And the best thing is that now I can do GS casting, I don’t have to buy hundreds


“I think we’re the baddies”

Ishkur Cinderhat:

These are 40k renegade Enforcers - basically the heretic counterpart of the Commissars in the Imperial Army. And I actually thought exactly the same about the whip when I first saw it. :wink:


The whip you can use the ones on the Skaven Master Mouder sprue (Rat Ogres and giant rats plastics).��Admittedly you’d need to try and trade it with someone as it would be a waste to just buy it for that.

I’d need to see a painted pic, but I think the old 40k CSM raptor head would be similar to that one


Or just use the one on the chaos warriors sprue, that’s fairly close.

Hashut’s Blessing:

That whip is even in almost the same position. And those heads ARE cool! May have to get a couple and edit the cloth and guns and make them Marauder champions :smiley:


whips should be pretty easy to sculpt. Ive never tried one but drill a guys hand, insert very thin piece of wire, cover with thin roll of GS and then detail as pleases.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The Chaos chariot driver actually has a very nice whip as well… I used this one on some early models, the spikes look really chaosy. Since it’s made of metal, you can bend it as you like to give it some more dynamic.


Those are seriously cool sculpts.


Ooh, I might have to get them. Freaking awesome.