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Hi guys

I’ve recently started putting together an Abyssal Dwarf army for Mantic Games’ Kings of War and I figured you might be interested in following it as it progresses. Kings of War is really taking off this year and there are some gorgeous new units coming out over the next few months, like these:

Abyssal Halfbreeds (Bull Centaurs)
Angkor Heavy Mortar

This army is being constructed ready for the Clash of Kings tournament next February and it has been recently confirmed that there will be substantial prize money on offer. The first two of my blog posts are up already, and another will follow every two weeks. Here you go:

Part 1 - Out of the Abyss
Part 2 - Gooseberries - Who’d Have Thought?
Part 3 - The Abyssal Apostrophe

I’d love to know what you think.




Nice choice of colours.

You make the mantic Abyssal looking pretty nice, which is not always the case.

Very clean work. Keep on this way :slight_smile:


Thanks French_noodle.

I have now updated the original post with part 3 of the blog.