[Archive] A dash of paint on the Bull Centaurs


Well, time to Adepticon continues to count down inexorably…

Here are a few WIP images of the early painting stages on the Bull Centaurs.  This amounts to that Shaded Basecoat technique, where all you are trying to do is lay out the colors and some initial shading.

Some pics…

And to the blog post:

James Wappel Miniature Painting: Road To Adepticon, WIP images sculpted Bull Centaurs

After seeing those giant Fireborn Forgeworld minis, I don’t feel so bad about the size of my centaurs!  My goodness, those things are like giants on 40mm bases.


They’re very nice! They look like bull centaurs with an English civil war theme!



great work!

could you please post pics of your cd infantery?


Nice!!! I always like your work.

Though I really would like to see some “regular” CDs painted by you…

Thommy H:

I don’t get the theme at all, but those are some great conversions and a cracking paintjob.