[Archive] A day of gaming.. 3 Games: WE, TK, VC vs my Chaos Dwarfs


I had a great day of games yesterday, it was a lot of fun actually.

My list:

Great Taurus mounted lord.

Armor of the Furnace

Black Hammer of Hashut (See note below)




Armor of Gazrakj

Talisman of Protection

Lvl 2 Sorcerer

2 Scrolls

Lvl 2 Sorcerer

Staff of Sorcery

24 Chaos Dwarf BSB unit

Banner, Mu, Hw/Sh

25 Chaos Dwarf

FC, Hw/Sh, Warbanner

14 Blunderbuss

14 Blunderbuss

20 Orc Big Uns

FC, Choppa/Shield

2 Bolt Throwers

Earth shaker

5 Bull Centaurs

Extra Handweapon, Musician

I take the Black Hammer as I like the +2 Strength.

First game: Wood Elves

This guy didn’t play a vicious tree spirit list, though it was a tree spirit list. I’d give him good comp, and once the army is painted… if it is painted as well as it is… REALLY GOOD paint scores.

He had two Treemen (no ancients though). A general, a mage, and I think a supporting hero (no BSB). Lots of Dryads, a unit of Treekin, two units of dancers. No cav. A couple units of archers.

I took fire magic, of course. Poor guy was feeling despair going in. I finished deploying long before.

He got the first go. Shooting was minimal, though it did kill a bull centaur or two… and got a single wound on the taurus.

My turn, General Charges Treekin. Blunderbuss move up. Bull Centaurs move up. Conflagration goes on Treemen… gets a couple wounds… putting the hurt on it. Firery blast into Wardancers on my left side hurts them.

Earth shaker plops down on dryads killing a few… and slowing enough down.

General only gets wound on Treekin burning one. Taurus inflict another one. No damage to me. They run, get caught, barely clip dryads… which will allow his (my left) wardancers to charge general with his general in it.

Turn 2. He does move up, trys to shoot the bull centaurs a little. Moves his wardances into a decent position. Moves his treemen and some dryads into a posistion hoping he can get off some decent charges.

Shooting kills another bull centaur.

General’s end up fighting in a challenge which lasts for a several turns. Eventually resulting in both generals dying (Taurus kills his).

Bottom of Turn 2.

Bull Centaurs hit one Dryad unit. Blunderbuss move into some nice juicy firing posistions. Warriors prepare to recieve. Orcs squabble.

More magical damage to one of the treemen via fiery blast.

Shooting, Earth shaker lands right on (right side wardancers) killing 4, slowing just that unit down. Bolt throwers fail… again. Blunderbuss violate the wardancer unit leaving not many alive. Other blunderbuss unit gets a wound on Treeman, and puts some serious hurt on one dryad unit.

Combat: I kill some dryads, a Bull Centaur dies (argh). They hold. Challenge continues. I get a couple wounds, but the Elf gets some damage too.

Turn three.

Wardancers (due to earth shaker effect) close enough for me to blast at, get blasted to heck… only three survive. Dryads into the flank.

Treemen scatter… one into blunderbuss supported by hurt unit. Other treeman into warrior unit.

Shooting kills a warrior in unengaged unit.

Combat: Bull Centaurs are killed off. Challenge continues. Nothing happens in the challenge. Sole Treeman ends up fighting BSB… does nothing. Holds. Other combat with treeman result in his whiffing and my killing a dryad or two. I hold having lost by one and getting a reroll. Other blunderbuss holds out as his wardancers do jack squat, dryads kill a few. I kill a couple war dancers amazingly.

My turn: Orcs slam into the flank of the dryads in the dryads/wardancer combat. Unengaged warrior unit gets ready incase blunderbuss break.

Magic: Nothing happens as I’m in combat.

Shooting, Earth shaker hurls a long distance shot at archers… and shuts them down for a turn. Yay. Bolt throwers… fail again.

Combat. BSB’s unit wins and treeman breaks. I slam into the flank of the dryads.

Orcs kill a bunch of dryads. One wardancer buys it I think, not sure. They both break, wardancers two small to rally… dryads caught.

BSB’s unit wins and treeman fails check… I hit the dryads in the other combat. That saves my but as I kill a couple. Treeman slaps some blunderbuss, I win by a few. Dryads run… I push into treeman.

Challenge result in the death of both generals, Taurus flees into a building.

His turn: Moves archers up some. Rallies treeman and dryads that are running. Leaving a big cluster. His units from challenge move up to support, but they are slowed too.

Combat… we stay locked in. A couple warriors die.

My turn: Orcs and Blunderbuss move to support. Warriors (unengaged) move to engage newcomers.

Magic: I destroy a dryad unit with magic.

Shooting slows down his necomers with earth shaker, bolt thrower finishes of really wounded treeman.

Combat: His treeman ran.

He concedes at this point.

GAME TWO: Tomb Kings.

He has a couple blocks of skellies, a King, prince, two liche priests (one with casket). Some hidden scrops, a unit of carrior, two units of archers, a unit of of ushapti. Deployed on the back of the edge of the table. Also a SSC.

I went first. I moved by bull centaurs and taurus into a decent position. Earthshaker misfires, but only no shooting that turn. Bolt thrower zaps a SSC crew. Scrolled casket.

His turn, he used a lot of dice trying to get SSC to fire… I stopped it a lot. His magical shot helps him do guess range on the Orcs. The real shot hits them, and sends them running. They will never rally… though I forgot the +1 from Mu! D’oh.

My 2nd turn I moved my mobile stuff into a nice spot to start hammering his stuff. I keep closing with troops. Bolt throwers do some damage to his carrion. Earth shaker lands right on his kings unit killing 13 (!!!) skellies… and silencing the SSC (kinda)… My one mage sucked a sole from a carrion (total of three wounds on it).

His 2nd is much of a repeat. His archers do nothing to my general. Carrion hit bolt throwers. They hold out. Defending hill for the wound on them. The bolt thrower crew will go on to kill the carrion off. I did scroll the casket again. His SSC did little due to a misfire when it made its 4+.

My third… General charges into casket. Centaurs charge into SSC (with a prince in it). Units close more. I keep sucking souls from the undead (ushapti this time). Earthshaker drifts poorly, but slows down Ushapti.

General kills Heirophant, Taurus on the crew and runs off the table to avoid being charged. Bull Centaurs kill off the Crew… but princes does a tiny bit of damage. I win by 4… he has the one armor reducing combat res… So SSC has 2 twounds, he takes one (in addition to the one I caused in combat).

His general unit charges into BCs… only a couple skellies get in. His magic weakened, he gets smiting off and kills a BC… in combat only one skellie can hit. Prince kills my BCs off.

My turn:

I move up. While general moves off to deal with ushapti. I do the one spell in Death Lore doing wounds to all enemy units nearby. This kills of SSC/Prince and does some damage to his kings unit. Little damage elsewhere. Blunderbuss fire into fresh skellie unit doing little. More sucking wounds from the other mage, btw. He will end up with 5 or 6 wounds. Earth shaker misfired (6).

His turn he fails a charge into my warriors. I stop his charging. Ushapti turn to face general.

My turn: I charge into the flank of his general’s unit… Magic is underwhelming… though another sucking of a wound from the Ushapti. Blunderbuss violate his fresh unit. Other blunderbuss kill of an Ushapti.

General does more damage to general’s unit.

His turn, moves King into contact. Casts smiting and gets a wound on my general. He does some healing, but not enough. General survives initial onslaught from my guy.

Next turn: I get wound through with my general onto his king killing him instantly.

My win.

VC: I’ll add this via edit later.