[Archive] A demonic engine I've bin working on


Hey guys inspired by Revlids creations I decided to make my own warmachine the bull fury he’s it design.A metal platform supported by 6 small wheel’s,the top is a bull head with an open mouth and in the mouth is the deamon genirater.As for eyes they are replaced by mounted blunderbusses and a singal crew man drives it.
And now for the stats:
bull fury 6- - - - 5 -5-4- - – -
CD driver 3 -5- 3 - 4 -4-2-2-2-9
deamon cr 5 -4 - 0 -5-5-3-7-5-4
Speacal rules:chariot,Deamon genirater,crazy,Mounted blunderbuss
Deamon genirator:this is fires in the shooting faze and automaticly shoots out a deamon cr.one use only
Crazy:the driver is in all respects a crazy man so he is unbreakable.
Mounted blunderbuss:are in a sense normal blunder busses exept at strenth 6 all the time and fir in a 2 inch wide 12 inch long zone.

Hope you guys like it.Edit:I changed the deamon rules after play testing as they were to powerfull and took out half my friends dark elf army.

Lord Darkash:

One issue arises immediately…

Sacrafices:as the machine needs bait to lure the deamon up you must have killed at least one creature and it can be freindly creatures(for ex you charge a freindly hobbo unit and you cause impact hits killing 1 because you wif now the entire surving hobbo unit that are at wich ever side you charge strike back then you separate the 2 units)then you can summon 1 deamon.

You cant charge friendly units…


i’m liking the sacrifice idea, but I would expect the engine would have a start-up fuel so the machine can get going (this would prolly be a regular engine with a lesser movement speed). I think that the more you kill, the more the daemon would be chained to the mortal plane and hence becoming more powerful. You could probably work out additional S or A per a certain amount of VP’s gained during a round of combat