[Archive] A few sketches i did

Rabid Bunny:

I stumbled on EEs Chaos Dwarfs on Warseer when he first did them, and anain on Xander’s yesterday, which got me thinking of converting some up from my fistful of BFSP Dwarves, so on the way to Maidenhead yesterday, i doodled these, not very good, but just some ideas (you could even say fuel for the furnaces ;)) Apologising about the size too, my PC pic skills are limited to stickmen in MSpaint :smiley:

Sorry about that, forgot to rotate it before uploading :D. The idea for this is due to the Hellcannon model. The CD crew shovel corpses into the back, but where do they come from? Probably gonna be a unit filler, with these guys follow a Regiment of CD around shovelling corpses into the back of a cart pulled by a warped Pony to take back to the Artillery.

Again, forgot to rotate. A Bull Centaur sketch i did, along with a few more Helmet ideas.

Masks and Faces. Basically more ideas for masks, the faces are warped (along with a hand) mainly because working in Warp-spawned furnaces can’t be too healthy or safe :smiley:

This is the first one i did, mask sketches and an idea for a hand-lugged cannon thingy (also a sketch in the Centaur pic. My favourite mask is the one in the top right corner, just looks cool :smiley:

Hope this helps.


These are some great sketches! I hope you don’t mind, I modified one to make it more Dwarf proportions! I had to cause it looked so cool. :hat off

Rabid Bunny:

Thats fine, i just doodled them up to get a few rough ideas up.

one thing that didn’t get put into that pic was two braziers of fire on the Carrion guys backs.


What did you think of my edit? ^^;

It’s great stuff as far as I am concerned, welcome to the forums by the way!

Rabid Bunny:

Its cool, brings out the details a bit more, i see what you meant about the Dwarf scale now :smiley:


Wow, good sketches RB, I think I will have to “steal” the idea of the spikey mask on the third pic, if it�s okay for you.

Ah, and welcome to the site ^^


I tend to draw Dwarfs to be 4.5 heads high, not sure if thats the usual scale, but it works for me :slight_smile:

I love the masks, especially the one middle top with all the spikes on. I might try and model that.

Rabid Bunny:

Go ahead, thats why i uploaded them.

Already spilt some blood for Hashut, slipped with my craft knife whilst shaving the stunties :smiley:


That BC looks almost reptillian! It really works!

And also that spikey helmet idea is mine, yoink! runs off


Really nice sketches RB.


I was inspired by your drawings and did one of my own…it doesn’t look similar at all to your own…i couldn’t resist putting a big hat on him lol

The Flying Beaver:

It’s a bit small, making it hard to see the details. Do you have a bigger version?