[Archive] A Figure trade (who want in)

Kera foehunter:

being my 2’ooo post

I want to know who would like to do a figure trade.

This is for all members of the site. You would draw a name from the list of members and someone would draw your name also from the list and swap a figure that would be painted. I like to take names until June 30th so it does not conflict with any other contest . It would be fun so even if you are not a great painter come in and join. Anyone that has questions or comments please be sure to reply.

This is for fun and doesn’t have anything to do with the site just its members. What a cool way to add a painted piece to your army from one of our members.


Ooh! That sounds like a great idea!! I would totally be in on that!

nerd :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t mind taking part, depending on my free time and how much it dies, heh.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It sounds great, but perhaps it should be a certain model or a model of a certain kind?

Kera foehunter:

iIwas thinking the first time a plain chaos dwarf warrior or hero.or something of that size.

Or we could do any single minni man figures.


Moved- Even thou this is not a monetary transaction. A thread of thus nature blongs in teh Marketplace methinks.


I’m up for this.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good move, Willmark. I’m still debating whether or not I’ll partake. Simply because I need all of my models atm and I’d like the units to remain the same. I think, the first should be a CD warrior, but what weapon option? It’s best to standardise it, especially if you wish to do this multiple times… Will you randomly pair people up, Kera? Or will you let people choose? Or will you choose yourself?

Kera foehunter:

i think ramdom would work better!!! but we need to get more people !!!

Just think it great to have a piece that painted by someone you know and its part of your army

you can’t lose!!!


i will participate i mean even if i end up trading with someone whos mini isnt painted tht well, im glad to give someone else the pleasure of enjoying one of my minis… kera is right we need a bunch of ppl to partake


id participate, but the figure would likely not get included in my army, as the colour scheme wouldnt match.

but its certainly a good idea in principal.

only id be concerned about, if one person spent a few hours and their painting skills were good, yet they received a model from someone who’s painting skills were not up to scratch, they may feel a little hard done by.

I know i would feel a little begrudged by a poorly painted model in exchange for something i had spent a lot of time doing.

because the problem, is that it’s human nature to think that someone who hasnt performed as well as you have, simply hasnt tried as hard, even though that often isnt the case, as some people genuinely try their best yet under achieve due to lack of training etc.

as i always used to tell the kids at GW, painting skills are like a pie chart, theres 20% raw talent, 20% brush / colour selection, 20% inspiration, 20% experience and 20% attention to detail.

meaning that some people will never win golden daemon because they just dont have the mental aptitude, others have the talent but not the inspiration, yet others are destined to win because they have all 5.

obviously those % are not set in stone, but i think its a decent way of looking at it.

would it not be a good idea for everyone who wants to be involved to paint their model and submit a photo, then people can email the “arbitrator” the number of slaves, for example, they are willing to bid on a particular model?

i appreciate that this idea is somewhat flawed in that new members (like me) have very few slaves, and someone who is a good painter is more likely to get more requests to be the recipient of their work.

Ghrask Dragh:

I would take part in this, my painting space (bedroom) is almost ready after a complete do-over so I should be back painting again very soon, hopefully I will anyway, I’m starting to get withdrawl symptoms I’m sure :slight_smile:

The greatest gift of all is giving - I can’t remember who said that now, but I’m sure he was pretty important :wink:

…this should be all about what you give and not what you get, after all this is just a bit of fun to try include another member of the communities miniature in your own collection… how many times has it been said that this is the friendliest community on the web. It certainly was when I was a regular poster, couldn’t have changed that much surely :smiley:

Be back soon,

Ghrask Dragh

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I wasn’t saying I won’t partake. I may not partake in the first one, simply because of a lack of models. As for what superfella has said, if everybody paints it to the best of their ability, then there should be no problem. if you are unhappy with it’s quality, maybe use the same colour scheme, but bring it up to your idea of what is scratch or just paint it in your colour scheme. That is, of course, assuming it bothers you that much. It is the only fair way.

Will you randomly pair people up, Kera? Or will you let people choose? Or will you choose yourself?

Hashut’s Blessing
Kera, if you’d be so kind as to answer these questions and give a set of stone-written rules as to what the model must represent and what option they must have/count as having, that’d be awesome.

Kera foehunter:

well move over i will take charge!!

#1 sign up

#2 i will decide by puting names in a tall hat and pulling them out

#3 this is to be a single small figure painting c.d. or hobgoblin

#4 Send your figure to your person tell them if you have certain color of your army or (if they can convert them or have free will to do what they would envission this figure!!!)

# 5 Remember all member live in diffrent places

now the rules are clear So a day from now i will list the people that are in so far

after the figure is done post them so we all can see. please

Lord Darkash:

Just to clarify, is the model we send to be painted or unpainted?


:sad unfortunately, due to some rather urgent family matters, I won’t be able to partake in this. It sounds like it would be a great lot of fun, but all my time has been taken up. Maybe next time guys.

nerd :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

Model you send is to be painted by the person you draw there name. You can send a converted piece greenstuff figure

A thing to think on !! send a piece that doesn’t have a lot of part figures can get damage durring the mailing

Kera foehunter:

As of now here are the people that are in.

Kera Foehunter




Ghask Dragh

Here are the not sures

Hashut’s Blessing


Hashut’s Blessing:

There is likely to be a new thread for this trade-out soon and this one shall be obselete. locked unless Kera requests me to re-open it.