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Godbob and his jolly rogers:

what really bugs you about warhammer? it can be about anything the painting,the gaming,the players,the corperation anything

what really bugs me is the 9 years not the hole GW just cares about them thing it when you play with them they kill the fun there not happy playing they just want to win at any cost good for tordament not good for friendly matches


I normally don’t post in ranting topics, but I’m getting incresingly mad at GW. I’ pretty mad they removed the fun from White Dwarf, and I’m not fond of the WAAC turn the newer Armybooks have taken. I just hope that all armybooks will become equally overpowered, so they’ll even each-other out. Also the prices are bugging me. I never buy any models in GW-stores, and when I ever go in ther to either buy some paint or show off my sculpts, I feel bothered by the arogant nerdiness of GW managers on coke bragging up about performing weird SM Rituals in the honour of Slaanesh. I’m not a fan of GW anymore. The whole coase charm of the 4-5th edition of the game is gone, so I sculpt my own stuff in stead of buying it.

And the fact that a character on a flying mount can’t join a unit with the same mount? What the hell is that about?


- Kyte


I’m annoyed that the bitz service has been gutted.

Also, I don’t like painting (although I can’t really blame GW for that).

I’m also irritated that CD have gone so long without an update.


Haha. I wish they had GW stores like Kite’s around here.

I miss buying bits. I hate the mail order shipping charges. I don’t like power creep, even if it catches up to all the armies eventually.

Jervis wrote an editorial some months ago essentially discouraging fans from being too creative (“you can’t convert Cathayan models until we tell you what they should look like,” “Orcs are always green”), and it really bothered me. Especially because we’ve seen Cathayan army lists and red Orcs in GW publications before. I enjoy the “canonical” background, but I also miss the freewheeling spirit of GW’s earlier days.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I dislike the price rises, the people that talk to me as if they know more about the hobby (particularly when they don’t), the better articles of WD have been removed, the bits section isn’t what it used to be, odd rules and a lot of other things (annoyingly I forgot the other two I was about to post).

EDIT: Yet, I still pay and play :smiley:


The only thing that bugs me is powergamers…what a bunch of hobby-killin’ a-holes…

Kera foehunter:

very few girl play warhammer . it still a fun game if they leave it alone.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

The only thing that bugs me is powergamers...what a bunch of hobby-killin' a-holes.....

rightly said fight the power

but its true what kyte said all GW staff love slannesh or other armys with girl in it (well it is the closest they'll get to one:P)

also the bitzs range suck but GW did spend alot makeing random part of modals for us to buy but thats busness


The new bloodletter models, the amount of elvfish teams and the removal of the bloodlines from the VC armybook.


My top 10

1. Prices (models I would buy for $8.50 now run over $20 each)

2. Power gamers

3. Power creep (we will always complain when it is not our armies)

4. Loss of individual chaos legions in 40k (I still play from time to time)

5. Neglect of support for armies (Storm of Chaos, DoW, CD)

6. Painting (I love modeling, not the painting, plus I am fairly anal about it)

7. Lack of gamers in my area (downside of moving to a rural area)

8. The growing feeling that GW is only in it for the money and gamers wishes count for little (I take solace when I look at their share prices)

9. Not getting a new Podhammer episode every 3 days (I can dream)

10. My first post on these forums is a whinny one (such is life)


Honestly, i do mostly like GW. There are only a few things that really get to me about how things are done.

1. Simplifying the rules. 40k has been the biggest victim of this, and in a major way. I used to play, but since the game turned into “roll a bunch of dice and then take models off the table”, i stay away. Shame, cause the models are so awesome.

2. Killing the Bitz. That’s where all my money went in the past few years. I spent more on component pieces than i did on full models. It makes the game less fun for me if i am forced to use the same models as everyone else.

3. White Dwarf. This mag used to be good. I have no idea what happened, but now it’s a catalog. Awful.

Things like prices and power creep don’t bother me that much. I buy secondhand or at a discount these days and power creep will always be there, it just takes better generalship to win games.


I don’t have any major problems with GW, but i’m not their greatest fan by a long shot.

1. I agree with chrishorrorshow, i love the 40k models, and yet the reason I no longer play is the lack of complication. (Note: I am NOT saying the rules are simplistic, but take a look at the Fantasy Rules and compare it with the 40k Rules, and you’ll see what I mean)

2. Bitz. Everyone’s said it, but still I really miss them. Back when I played 40k orks, I usually checked the Bitz section frequently for cool odds and ends to help characterize the army. Now I just look at the lack of bitz and cry.

3. Prices. I’m 15, I don’t have a stable flow of money unlike other people, and sometimes the prices just drive me crazy. I mean, before I got into the hobby, I always dreamed of collecting every army, nowadays though, I stick to so few of them. The recent price increases aren’t helping me either.

4. Power-Gamers. I always thought the game was about having fun, not winning. Powergaming to me seems like people who want to remove the fun aspect of the game, and that’s the part I enjoy the most.

5. White Dwarf. The first few pages are always about the current releases, and although I have nothing against the new models, it seems like a catalog, as many other people have stated. I’s also like a few more hobby articles.

6. The Removal of Black Gobbo. I loved Black Gobbo, the articles were nice and it helped keep me in the loop WITHOUT the expensive White Dwarf Subscription. Which brings me to my next problem…

7. The New Website. It’s like Games Workshop decided to remove all of the good articles off the website, make it as annoying as He*l to navigate, and it’s basically also turned into a giant catalog. Also, it’s almost next to impossible to find ANY of the PDF files (I.E. The Hellcannon Rules, Reference Sheets, etc.)

8. The new 10 model boxed sets. Now most people may disagree (particularly any Vampire Count/Tomb king players) But these boxes only increase the price of any unit. From $35 to $44, but it’s not too bad.

9. as Gaixo stated, the lack of creativity. A lot of my earlier armies had lots of cool conversions in them, but now I can no longer customize them because of the lack of bitz and the simple fact that the redshirts in my area almost despise any sort of converting…

But that’s just me. Feel free to disagree with any or all of this post, but it’s just my two cents.

Kera foehunter:

i also like the black garbo and white dwarf on line

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ah yes, I wanted an Iron Warriors army for 40K, but stopped getting models because I wanted to concentrate on Fantasy, where it wasn’t a game of who’s guns were better (that’s how I found it in comparison). I have found that nobody near me (other than those I made play it) collect Fantasy. So, I’ve tried my 40K again and found that Iron Warriors aren;t a choice any more… Well, seems like I get ot have a nice scheme at least…

zorn sabretooth:

why did the get rid of old wierde’s nucalablum!!!


It was starting to smell funny.