[Archive] A-levels

The captain:

For anyone in the UK and of my age…ish, its our A-level results day. Anyone else here had this horror inflicted upon them?

And for anyone who cares, 3 solid B’s :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

…I got a B and 2 C’s…and i failed English…


Don’t worry about all the “The exams are too easy” people. They’ve been saying that long before I got my A-levels 10 years ago. The grades don’t mean anything some you’ve got a degree, anyway.


A-levels? Please, help an American out and tell me what they are.


It’s like the British equivalent to the SATs (I think), basically the end of secondary school exams.

We have the Leaving Certificate here.

Lord Darkash:

Actually i think thats GCSEs your talking about. A-levels are one up from this and completely voluntary and harder work. I didn’t do any alas, i felt my GCSEs wernt really good enough.


A-Levels are taken at 18, the final exams before university. You only study 3 or 4 subjects rather than the full range.


A levels are that useless, some graduate opportunities will take you if you have so many UCAS points, rather than having a degree itself, as it still shows a level of intelligence needed. then again uni is so much fun i reccommend everyone to go :slight_smile:

congrats by the way

Uzkul Werit:

I found out my AS results yesterday. I was on holiday so I had to get they mailed to th house. I got three A’s (Politics, Media and History) and one B (Drama).

Ghrask Dragh:

Congratulations Uzkul! :cheers