[Archive] A month to April...and?!


April should be the month of Tamurkhan right?!

Still no news are available…

Only a silly empire hero mounted on a silly demi-griffin :frowning:

How do you feel about it?

I honestrly don’t feel good at all;P

And what do you expect?!

I hope in a CD list to let you also play the Dawi-Zhaar against Tamurkhan, with some rules for engineer, blunderbusses and Bull centaurs

Do you think we could expect anything not strictly related to Land Train?

I’m waiting, but still I see too weak clues to expect something useful.

So i’m becoming more desperate day by day


I would not expect anything beyond some CD allies as siege specialists. Ie what we “know” that they made models for and thus are likely to release. Anything else and we are likely to be hugely disappointed.

Just accept that at least CDs are back if not in as large a capacity as we would like. It does after all keep the door open for an eventual return.


My feeling is that the chaos dwarf models for the 2nd book are already decided and some will probably already be in the design stage (or being sculpted).

They will be taking a gamble if they release a whole load of chaos dwarf models and not enough people buy them.

So I think our best hope is as soon as the first book comes out we pile on the pressure for them to group together the CD things into a single list.  They wouldn’t even have to have models for half the things.

My great concern really is that unless they plan to write the Chaos Dwarfs into every part of the chaos invasion (fighting alongside all the other gods), all the Chaos Dwarf models we’re likely to get from WF could come in the first 2 books.  Which sounds good, but if they don’t decide to put together a list based off these they might not ever do one unless they do a Chaos Dwarfs focused book.

Do you think we could expect anything not strictly related to Land Train?


As long as most of the design sketches/art see resin, I think the CD will get a healthy boost from Tamurkhan.

If FW only goes live with the big ticket CD items, like the train, then it’s not as likely that they will see enough market demand to justify more minis. That being said, FW has always been rather bold with their releases & seem to run with more of a “if you build it, they will come” mentality.

I think we’re good. Just be patient.:slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

When’s the release date for what they showd us those months ago?


When's the release date for what they showd us those months ago?

Tarrakk Blackhand
My GW store manager said everything is coming out in June.
Good thing I have new Slaves I mean OnG to keep me busy till then.


I think that should read everything for the first book is coming out before July.

My thinking is that if they do a book every 6 months and allow 6 months of releases, it would mean that Jan-June would be book 1 and July-Dec woul be book 2. Jan-June again for book 3 etc.


They did show us an Engineer along with the train, and some drawings of a bull centaur… So maybe we will see then in more then just one of the 3 books, but I do think we will get to see the CDs the same way as the Renegades for 40k - with a new army pr. new book, but again it is just what I think…


I really missed June as the possible release date…is this a rumor or what?!

And which is the rate of WF newsletters? 15 days? right? The next will be? tomorrow or next week?